Which Stage Of The Relationship Are You In ?

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Every relationship, no matter how and when it happened comes loaded with it’s share of highs and lows; roller coaster often being an understatement..

Interestingly, each phase of the relationship is unique and can be good indicator of how strong the intensity if..

Read on to figure your current stage..

Meeting/ Infatuation

“The most exciting stage is when you start seeking someone,” says Prerna Panchal. “We enjoy it the most when it is a one-sided call. The person puts his best foot forward to impress the partner. It is also a crucial point as one can decide whether they want a serious relationship or not, by judging the other person. One should always be patient enough before moving on to the next level,” she adds.

Honeymoon Period

The fun and thrilling adventure of dating is at its peak and love birds opine that, this is the phase they will always cherish. Ravish Sharma says, “It is when you are stuck to the cell phone 24×7, save all you pocket money and chase all the new releases so that we can watch it with the partner while munching on hot popcorn in  cosy recliners at a dim lit theatre,” he adds.


“Frankly speaking, getting comfortable with your girlfriend is the best thing ever. At least you get to live like you did before meeting her. You no longer have to be decked up all the time, can be emotionally weak and also even burp in front of her. But, you also have to start taking criticism with a smiling face as the ‘think before you speak’ thing is absent here,” says Inderpreet Singhal.

Moulding Period

“To mould and adjust with the mood swings of each other is where your patience is put to test. Be it the emotional high-lows after a drink or being able to live apart and yet be happy. Both sides start to discover more of each other and make effort to work out things together,” says Meghna.

Stage of Disturbances

After all the love and affection, gradually, doubt starts creeping in. Maybe it’s because we start thinking about our exes, our past relationships or start comparing our present partner with another. Vishal Adve professes the same. “This I think is inevitable. A past relationship haunts the most. You doubt the other with his ex, blame him for losing interest and also sometimes think of being single again.”

Sexual Exploration

Going by the current trends, this stage ought to have been listed right on top. but many experienced youth suggest that indulging in an intimate physical relationship with a partner should be experiences only when you have utmost faith.

Shruti Kothari says, “Sometimes, getting venereal  helps in overcoming a troubled relationship. It is fine when a person feels that the partner trusts them and wants them in their life. It might also be a base for building a strong long-term relationship.”

Trust Stage

To reach this stage is very difficult, yet when you do, you see direction in the relationship. But, if getting here was difficult, one is better staying alert! . Paraag Agnihotri says, “It was a bit difficult for us to be at this stagnant stage. Many risks have to be taken. Engagements are easier to break over a marriage and going through divorce etc. But yes, one can also look forward to a happy life of togetherness ahead.

In whichever stage of the relationship you may be in, it is certain that love always eventually matures despite changes.

In the words, of Robert Frost,  “Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”


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