Where Else But Pune- Ten Underrated Advantages Of Living Here

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A rich legacy, immense cultural heritage, an immense educational hub and a city with a huge youth population, Pune has it all. Be it for the budding artist or the adventure seeker, Pune has it all.

Yet, there are are a few lesser known and underrated advantages, that only the discerning, true Puneite knows and enjoys!

Here’s what we heard from the die- hard Puneites:

Activated Charcoal, the new food trend

Food Options Catering To Every Pocket:

“The best part is, you can enjoy a meal or a filling snack in less than Rs 10 when you are broke and also choose from the array of options when you want to have a lavish gourmet dinner,” says Mini Sengupta.

Quick Unplanned Trips:

Daaud Khan says, “Pune gives us the luxury of having places near it where we can just decide impulsively, reach, relax and come back within a few hours. Also, the routes are so well connected and safe so, we don’t necessarily need a car; a bike or scooty also does the job.”

Exotic fruit salad

Fruits In Every Lane:

“You can find at least two fruit sellers selling cheap and good quality of fruits at every corner of the area. As a fruit lover, I love, how they keep on bringing on a huge variety of fruits, some of which can only be found in super markets,” opines Suhani Medhawale.

Open Minded Crowd:

“Okay, not all places but places having a lot of young population are open to the LGBTQ community, dating, respecting other people’s life choices, girls smoking or drinking and other kinds of societal norms. In pune, even the elderly citizens are more accepting of these changes, opines Sheena.


Best Of Both Worlds:

Parikshay Purohit quotes, “Being the Oxford of the East and an IT hub with a large youth population, the city is always buzzing. Yet, there are still some areas where a person like me can relax in peace. So, it caters for both the party animals as well as introverts like me.

Places To Party:

“Needless to say, Pune’s night life is among the best in the country. With numerous places mushrooming at every corner of the city, you have the liberty to choose the coolest and cheapest among them and still have a night of your life,” says DJ Pearl.

Go-GreenA Green Thumb’s Paradise:

“I love staying amidst the greens and what better place to stay in Pune,” says Preksha Malik. “There are ample nurseries to bring home lush green foliage, apart from the dotting tekdis, hills and hiking places to keep you active and fit.”

Affordable Housing:

“In comparison to many cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai, the cost of living in Pune is beyond doubt the cheapest, thanks to the availability of affordable housing options. I have lived in these cities earlier, but can save more, with lower earnings.” opines Suresh Dahiwal.

BusinesswomanWomen Safety:

“There are some reported crimes with women being reported in the city, but nothing of that sort happened to me, in these seven years, though, I mostly work at night shifts,” says Palak Singh. My parents are also convinced, that it is the safest city for girls to live in.”


“Do we have to say anything about this? The weather here is so comforting and soothing that it’s nearby cities, making it my first choice to stay in Pune,” says Jaspreet Nagi.



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