When You Must Realise It Is Time To Move On

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You walk into a new relationship and give it all in the hope of it progressing well into your future, but things do not always work as well as you envisage…

Then comes the dilemma and mixed emotions that make you want to get out of it, and yet keeps you hoping it will improve.

Yet, it is important to realise when it is the time to move on, say these young Puneites speaking to Pune365

Natasha Sahwal, a city based MC says, “When the situation becomes difficult to handle and the relationship brings more pain than happiness, it is time for you to move on.”

Don’t continue the relationship assuming that those are ups and downs. Remember, whenever the pain is constant, it is time to move on from whatever is causing pain, Natasha adds.

It is time to end it all when you’re misunderstood, judged, taken for granted, hurt or angry all the time, says Kedar Singh, Photographer.

There are times when you don’t understand the reason behind your tears, but just thinking about the bad moments with your partner, or just thinking about him/ her hurts, it is clear that you are not happy and must move on, Kedar adds.

Anika Yadhav, an architect says, There is a time when you’re so comfortable with your partner that nothing is awkward between both of you.

According to me, it is time to move on when you’re done trying hard to keep the spark in the relationship when you’re no longer comfortable with the person.

Or, if his company prevents you from being the best possible version of yourself.

When you keep asking for commitment, but there is no response from your partner’s side, it is better to move rather than hanging around, says Jaydeep Aryan, Model.

They may be spending quality time with you, yet, the moment they start avoiding the topic of commitment – you can see the danger…

You may be putting in everything into this relationship, while your partner is just avoiding it, because he/ she is just not sure enough.

Think of it, why would a person avoid or push the topic of commitment aside. Trust your instincts and get over it, Aryan added.

The moment he makes you feel that you’re not good enough or makes you feel inferior in the relationship, it is time to walk out of it, says Dhruvita Sachdev, Journalist.

If he is not able to value you, maybe there is someone or something better waiting for you.


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