When The Honeymoon Ends..

Honeymoon Ends


No relationship can be new and exciting forever.. Probably this realisation happens when the honeymoon period ends soon enough and the couple mature to a realistic phase of their lives.

So does this really herald the end of a great relationship?

We went about talking to a cross section of people to hear what they had to say about their own experiences and relationship expectations over time..

“Relationships then and now have changed ever since handwritten kiss sealed letters got replaced with text messages, facebook updates and whatsapp statuses…

“Earlier, we waited for weeks for a reply to our letters and that phase believe me was sublime and pure,” says Mandana, a home-maker and a mother of two.

“When you are in a discontented phase of life, you tend to notice many happy couples around you. Your urge to being no longer isolated tends to surge.

“My last relationship experience was not as fascinating. I was abused and even hit by him. It took me almost 2 years to get in a relationship again.

“My concerns therefore were about my safety and security rather than anything else. I am now equally respected and that for me is what holds us strong,” shares Neha Parveen, a business head at a conglomerate.

But Varsha Bhatt, a 22-year-old management student, has something else to say.

“Step out of the illusion that, once you are in a relationship, you will be happier. If love is not the driving force, you cannot be happy how much ever you try to.

“One sided relationships are also often the cause of heart breaks. You think that your love will open-up your man and that your emotional depth and commitment is enough to take him aboard your love story, then wait, you might find yourself ‘friend-zoned’.”

These days it is perfectly acceptable for even married couples to fight over petty issues and even get divorced because of them. Kunal Parekh, a journalism student shares his experience stating,

“My parents always fought over excess electricity bills and unpaid school fees. Although they still stay together, it’s more of a compromised relationship.

“I don’t want this to happen with me. I would rather prefer a ‘live-in’ than getting married. At least, you have the option of moving out and not compromising throughout. For me, a satisfactory monetary status and a secured future would be a driving force when it comes to settling in with a person.”

“I am a pampered child. I would not compromise on my comfort and lifestyle.

“And when you are satisfied with the choices you have made, love eventually happens;” says Shreya Nambiar, a Mumbai based law graduate.

Although we are not dealing with the stereotypes here, the attempt is to visit the concerns in current relationships and bonds that go on to happy marriages..

“It was love at first sight for us. We met at a family gathering and felt that ‘thing’ for each other. It was then almost after a year that I received a letter from Ravish stating that he is in town and wants to meet me.

“Our first meeting lasted for about 30-mins wherein we said nothing to each other. Come today, and we have managed to live happily for 25 years,” echoed Ravish and Deepa Salian.


# All names have been changed to protect individual privacy

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