When Pune Goes All Hatty, This Is How Weird It Can Get!

Summer Caps
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Shopping has become an armchair activity now thanks to the proliferation of
e-shoping sites that throw up anything from the innocuous pin to a gigantic
air-conditioned coffin!

Pune365 is much in synch with all this and decided to check out what Pune is ordering this summer and here is what we found..

This is all about the head Dear Readers! 

Solar cap
Image: Amazon

This cap is weirdly popular and is making the rounds of the market for a while now. Every child (adult’s included!) have this fascination for owning this cooling solar cap that comes with a miniature fan. The solar panels attached harness the sun’s rays and powers the fan keeping you well aired!

Straw cap
Image: Whistles

Pune has off late seen a rise in the number of citizens going green and adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Some of them can be spotted wearing straw caps (wala caps).

These caps can be drizzled with water to keep the head cool and comfortable through the day.


Image: Amazon .in

Apart from just being a fashion accessory to get heads turn, this multipurpose cap claims to be a UV-protectant. The neck and face flap is quick-drying and can also be used while fishing, cycling and camping too.

The cap is designed to keep the face protected, all the way down to the neck acting like a scarf.

Image: Amazon.in

Our favourite is this unusual camouflage floral and chameleon printed scarf cum cap, cum mask that you can buy off Amazon.

The best part is that it soaks the sweat and excess water keeping you covered, sweat free and UV-protected, all at the same time.


Image: Amazon .in

Considering all the weird options online, this cap seems to fit in quite well.

It is an anti-pollution, dust and sun protecting, full face mask that is ideal for riding. This is in the literal sense the advanced version of the horrid face masks riders use in Pune.


#All images used for representation only. Readers are advised to check all details before ordering the listed products.

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