What’s The Big Deal About Wanting To Look Attractive On Social Media?

Public Display of Affection
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The world of social media is all about scrolling through hundreds of pictures and harmless stalking of your friends, all to see the latest images from their lives…

While some may deny it, our curiosity is at its highest on these platforms. Yet, several people abhor the public display of affection and raise an eyebrow when there is even a hint of seductiveness in the pictures.

Young Puneites, however believe that the likes and reactions actually boost their self confidence and attractive pictures or PDA on social media is perfectly normal. The more likes and follows, the higher the self confidence which is why many people are using sites like https://growthoid.com/ to organically grown their following.

Perpetual Dsouza, Model says, The world is now all about social media. As a model, I have to keep my profile updated on social media. Moreover, posting portfolios to get work, is not unethical in any way.

Moreover, the likes and comments boosts our confidence and the attention of the followers is overwhelming.

Akshay Gund, Analyst says, We live in an era where they say, phones are smart and people are idiots. I agree with this to some extent.

According to me, there are different reasons as to why people upload or reveal their pictures or their current affairs on social media.

There are some kind of people who are addicted to their phones and their god damn front camera, while some are just in search of new friends.

Some are those who brag to their level best, while some just try to imitate them. Many of the people nowadays, get inspired by movies and various kinds of distractions.

Akshay further added that those who are left behind, ignored, never included, teased, etc. try to make their own identity by consistently trying to ape what they see in people. They then end up continuously uploading their pictures, revealing their locations etc, thinking that they would get included or at least get noticed by people.

Many people of course use it for launches e.g. if owning a gym is my future goal, I would start from showing off my muscles and my six pack consistently on social media.

This then would possibly help me get recognition and will increase my chances of getting successful with my gym.

Just do what you want to do, people will TALK! No matter what, quips Akshay.

Mary Henry, Air hostess says “I like to feed the curiosity of people, especially the guys!

However, I do what makes my skin comfortable, be it flaunting my cleavage, the back of a blouse or my flat stomach. Why should we limit ourselves, when the society doesn’t?

However, people who do so out of societal pressure might fall prey to depression and hence they should avoid anything that is not comfortable. For me, it is all about the fame, she added.

I am sexy and I know it, so I show it! As simple as that! Why would I not, when I build up for that? says a fitness enthusiast Mahesh Pawar.

Girls never want to date an obese guy, hence I have worked out very hard to build the physique I have now, so flaunting it everywhere is essential for me.

Moreover, now that social media is the preferred way to attract attention of the ladies, we specifically go for photo shoots with friends to post pictures on our social media account, he added.

Asha Salunkhe, Advertising executive says, Being in love is nothing to be ashamed of. People in any case know what a couple do, so why is public display of affection brought up as a concern, when I post a cute picture with my boyfriend.

Am proud of my boyfriend, and I see no harm in posting a picture of us kissing each other, it is not about societal pressure, for me it is all about being in love, Asha added.

Talking to her boyfriend Abhinav says, A picture while hugging her or kissing her forehead makes me genuinely happy and I love to express my love in every small way I can.

This is not about peer pressure or insecurity. There are two ways of doing it; Aesthetic and vulgar, and we understand the difference. Whatever we post is out of love and that doesn’t show our lust for each other.


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