Would Love Be The Same Without Dates To Celebrate?

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Imagine waking up to a new world bereft of dates and calendars?

Would love and romance be the same without the calendar that rules our life? What would the world be like without dates to celebrate or brood on?

We posed this hypothetical question to a section of Puneites and this is what they had to say:  

Its been four years to our marriage and we have never celebrated our anniversary. We have been celebrating love without any calendar and when I look at him, I think maybe that’s the right way. Love really needs no date to follow, says Sakima Khan, a working puneite.

We wake up in the morning and decide on whether to take the day off, or get ready to work! If we skip work, then we are busy exploring a new place.

Also, he is fond of technology, so I often surprise him by picking up small tech-stuff and keeping it in the places he frequents at home.  Love is limitless and I don’t think it needs to be measured by dates.”

Queen Smith, Entrepreneur and Tattoo artist believes,” I own a tattoo studio and my husband is a graffiti artist and frankly there are days when both of us don’t even realise any dates.

It only when I fill up my client details, I notice the day and date.
And I really don’t think that love depends on a date.

Personally, each morning when I woke up I thank God for the partner I have. Love is beautiful.

In a calendar free world, I would cook his favorite meal and set-up dinner in the balcony rather than at the table Or possibly, call up his friends and throw a surprise party, or book surprise tickets to somewhere.

Love has its own language and I believe dates aren’t necessary to communicate, Queen adds.

Navjoot Lamba, working with a private firm says,” I believe that dates are integral, but they aren’t everything. They are special because they remind us the time we had met and love was fresh.

But I believe everyday can be as special and love can stay fresh, if you keep it that way. I’ll do things that he likes and go on a long drive. We have done these things earlier too and maybe that keeps our love fresh.

” Its been 18 years to my marriage now and I don’t have to express love, it’s inbuilt now. I and my husband are doing a business together and I am a homemaker too says Reshima Narayan.

So, if dates didn’t matter, I’ll engange myself in the business more then I usually do, so that he feels relaxed.

Also, if the kids are not around, I would really like to go on a bike ride with him. Exploring random places early in the morning etc and that will be more than an anniversary celebration for me.”


Govind Singh Solanki,  A Store Manager says ” I believe that a world without dates will be a perfect place to live, especially for me. I am very bad with dates. Sometimes I forget my birthday too.

It’s around 4 years now, that I have been in a relationship and we’re also getting married soon. Dates are important for a lot of people and especially girls as they keep track of every date.

I believe that if somebody really loves you then dates are just a number. Every day is so different. Somedays you’re in a jolly mood and other days, maybe not. And finally, you need to be in a good frame of mind to celebrate a day.

I think I would see what things interest her and plan something accordingly. I believe love isn’t what you gift her, or how good she thinks you are, it’s how happy you can keep her and how happy you are with her. Every moment is anniversary then.

Happiness is love. Sometimes we travel and just sit on the roof of the car for hours and that’s celebration for me, he adds.”


Riya Kalwani

Riya Kalwani

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