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Youth on Constitution of India
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Tediously long yet, intricately worded documents like the Indian Constitution, Indian Penal Code and several other laws and diktats make for a fascinating read. You may marvel at the meticulous detail or question the archaic laws, yet, you cannot deny that these documents have explicitly assisted governance.

This Republic Day we offer denizens free reign, asking them on what they would add to the world’s longest constitution among other laws and dictums, were they being drafted today.

Liberty to Chemically Castrate Sex Offenders

Rishabh Meena thinks this is the perfect opportunity to add clauses that never existed before. “In a land that was plagued by worries and stress, where freedom was a distant dream, people had few civil liberties. Thus, sex offenders were rare. Now rape and incest is a major problem with people taking liberties and hampering the personal freedom of others.

Thus, at such a time, rape should be punishable by chemical castration.

“Those who are minor should be considered juvenile delinquents and then charged as a major for this heinous crime. This is the amendment I would suggest. It is a swift path to a better and safer India.”

The Freedom to Wander around 5-Star Hotels

Samvik Tripathi is a student of political science and declares that there are scores of loopholes in the system.

If you read carefully you shall realize that CCD is not the only place where you can roam and relax without having to order. Technically you could saunter across the lobby of a 5-star hotel or even use it as a glorified waiting room or lounge.

“Drink water, use a fancy restroom or even their WiFi absolutely free! You are not punishable by law if you do so!

The Freedom to Love

“If the constitution could be amended today, I would be the happiest person on this earth,” says Rohit Naik. He has a bone to pick with Section 377. A proud member of the LGBT community, he believes Section 377 is a major impediment to the nation’s advancement.

“The constitution states that when I indulge in love making with my boyfriend, the act is nothing short of blasphemous and illegal! So undoubtedly, that is what I would change,” he completes.

Freedom to Fly

Vinita Bhatti perused through various such documents pertaining to laws only to discover a number of points that are clearly obsolete. All she wishes to do is make a change.

“Did you know our Indian Aircraft Act passed in 1934 states that kites are deemed aircrafts?  You technically need a license to fly one. Completely obsolete!”




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