What Can Ever Match Our Favourite Comfort Food?

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Our city plays home to almost every cuisine of the world, be it the classy Mediterranean, the romantic Italian or our very own Maharashtrian delicacies…

Yet, there are some dishes that will always be our anytime comfort food stars that rarely disappoint.

Our resident foodies at Pune365 decided to take a quick tour of the city to bring our readers the wonders of comfort food:  

Chole Bhature

Raju Uncle's Chole BhatureChole is a chickpea gravy cooked with Indian spices including cumin(jeera), coriander (dhania) and anardana in tomato and onion puree and served with two hot fluffy Bhature, which are deep-fried and prepared by fermenting flour for almost an hour. Raju Uncle’s Chole Bhature is heaven for north Indian food lovers, although they have a limited menu, regular visitors reaffirm that with every bite, you’ll crave for more.

Place: Raju Uncle’s Chole Bhature, Survey 78/1A, Bharati Vihar, Katraj

Cost: Rs 60 onwards.

Rajma Chawal

Delhi Chowk - Rajma ChowkStaying away from home and missing home cooked food? Head to Viman Nagar for fine Rajma Chawal in the city. Rajma is red kidney beans, which are cooked with Indian spices, onion tomato puree into a creamy red gravy and served with long Basmati rice, topped with coriander and onion. The food served here will certainly satisfy your taste buds say their regulars. Do try their Chole kulcha and Lassi too.

Place: Delhi Chowk, Shop 1, Building 4, Opposite Old Reliance Fresh, Survey 211/4/2-4, Konark Nagar, Viman Nagar.

Cost: Rs 200

Dal Khichdi

Daal KhichadiThis yellow dal rice combo, cooked with different lentils is known to be one healthy meal. Dal chawal is often a no-no but dal khichdi is one love, cooked with different types of lentils with long basmati rice. Topped with lots of desi ghee it is garnished with a tadka of spicy red chillies, coriander, cumin and mustard seeds. It is served with raita( curd) pickles and papad. Bhendi fry, Baby corn fry and Lassi are another delicacies which are a must try here.

Place: Kalash, Shop 6/7, Winners Court, Lulla Nagar Chowk, Lulla Nagar, Kondhwa

Cost: Rs 120

Pav Bhaji

Rajendra Pav BhajiThe spicy gravy of mashed potatoes, cauliflower tossed in fried finely chopped onion and tomato including flavoursome spices, served with hot buttered pav is a classic comfort food served in the city at Rajendra Pav Bhaji.

Masala pav and juices are some of the other delicacies which are worth a try here.

Place: Rajendra Pav Bhaji, Tirupathi Complex, Opposite K.E.M. Hospital, Rasta Peth

Cost: Rs 80 upwards.

Chicken Kathi Roll

Kapila Khati kababThe place will surely satisfy your appetite for their variety of Kathi rolls. Roti dipped in butter with a layer of egg omelette, onion and overloaded chicken chunks that are cooked with Indian spices, served with green pudhina chutney.

Kapila Kathi kabab has a wide variety of rolls for vegetarian, eggetarian and non-vegetarian. Their Paneer Kathi roll is great too.

Place:  Kapila Kathi Kabab, 153/1, Dhole Patil Road

Cost:  Rs 80 Upwards.


#All images and prices are only indicative and readers are advised to confirm with the respective outlets. This is not an official #Pune365 review and is only intended for reader information. 

#Curated by Ankita Malekar for Pune365 in 2018. Reproduced for reader interest.