Weekends@365 : 10 Best Sizzlers for the Pune Winter


Sizzlers! The word is enough to make you drool. Sizzling,Smoking hot, Wholesome and Flavourful; They are a complete gourmet package especially in winters. Now, that we have evoked your cravings, it is our duty to lend a helping hand by listing the best ten sizzlers to savour in Pune…

Chicken Shashlik Sizzler

Chicken Shashlik

This dish is definitely an Indian palate pleaser. The succulent pieces of grilled chicken will surely melt in your mouth. Cooked with sautéed veggies, this is a treat for meat eaters.

Where : The Bounty Sizzlers, Kalyani Nagar
Cost    :  Rs.360 per plate


Boxty Sizzler

Boxty Sizzler
Image Courtesy : Manas Shah Photography

If you are a fan of fusion food, this is perfect. This sizzler is composed of traditional Irish pancakes atop sautéed vegetables and made in a sweet and spicy sauce. Moreover, it is quite popular among the epicureans for its complex flavours.

Where :  The Irish Village, Mundhwa
Cost    :  Rs.350 per plate


Sizzling Paneer Chilly

Sizzling Paneer Chilly

A vegetarian’s delight, it entails the classic Indian- Chinese tang and if you are a sucker of picante flavours, you won’t be disappointed. A special mention goes to the gooey texture of its cottage cheese

Where : Cream Centre, Viman Nagar
Cost     : Rs.389 per plate


Chicken Peri Peri 

Chicken Peri-Peri

The chicken marinated in delectable Peri Peri sauce is high on the scoville scale and never fails to make one’s taste buds ecstatic! Thank you, Africa for gifting us this pepper.

Where :    Kobe Sizzlers, Aundh and Law College Road
Cost     :   Rs.580 per plate



Chicken Red Thai Curry 

Chicken Thai Red Curry

Sliced meat in sumptuous red Thai coconut curry packed with vegetables and a hint of curry is served with Thai rice. The whole presentation echoes authentic Thai cuisine and resonates well with South East Asian ingredients.

Where :  China Toss, Kalyani Nagar
Cost     : Rs.399, 419, 449 as per serving size


Veg Balchao

Mix Veg Balchao

This vegetarian amalgamation of cottage cheese, mushroom, cauliflower and batter fried veg kebabs prepared with a Goan punch, is meant to be relished.

Where : The Place-Touché The Sizzler, Camp
Cost     : Rs.400 per plate


Special Mix Grill

The Mix Grill

A hard core non- vegetarian cannot have asked for more. An ensemble of pork chops, buffalo steak, pork ham, pork sausage, grilled chicken, liver and kidney topped with a fried egg that satiates every meat lover’s soul in its true sense.


Where : Zamu’s Place

Cost     : Rs.750 per plate


Chicken Satellite 

Chicken and Mayo

Along with an interesting name, it exudes flavoursome aroma. Each bite of the delicious, tender chicken will make you long for more. Topping that, the mayonnaise dressing will force you to lick off your fingers!

Where  :  Yana Sizzlers, FC Road, Kalyani Nagar
Cost     :  Rs 590 per plate


Surf and Turf

Surf and Turf

Amalgamation of Chicken Breast and Prawns, it lies on a bed of rice with vegetables and jalapeno cheese cream. This dish is perfect to pamper the palette

Where : Prem’s, Koregaon Park
Cost-      Rs. 500


Sizzling Brownie

Sizzling Brownie

Who would not love a mouth watering dessert like this! A tempting brownie bathed in hot chocolate and cold ice cream cascading on a sizzler platter. Dear, sweet tooth- please control!

Where : Rainforest Resto Bar, Viman Nagar,
Cost    :  Rs.240 per plate
Bon appétit Readers ! 


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