Dr Know! Am I the only one who feels embarrassed buying underwear?

Do you have a question that has been hassling you for a while and didn’t know whom to ask. You can’t ask Mum or Dad, you don’t want to ask the friendly professor at college or your friends. And you have tried to Google an answer, and you found none. Worry not, Pune365 has retained one of the city’s most accomplished personal coaches to help you answer questions. And since he’s all-knowing, we call him Dr Know.

Since this is only the second time we are running this column, we asked a few people in our office and their friends to send in a few questions. Read on…

I have a pet cat and every time my grandfather comes home he asks me “Hey beti, how’s your pussy?” Now I know Dadaji is 70 and he doesn’t even know what he’s talking, but how do I tell him that what he’s saying is, well, vulgar. The last time a friend was also around, and after he moved to the other room, we both burst out laughing. But I was feeling bad for my old man!

Tsk Tsk! What is the world coming to..,

But, seriously, why do you have such a one-track mind. Pussy isn’t necessary vulgar and you know pretty well that it’s all about cats. Why this giggling and stuff. Just be normal and answer your poor Dadaji.

I mean, he is old enough to get his pussies right. Why are you heading elsewhere.

Behave young lady, behave.

Recommended: May I suggest you either invest in some ear plugs when he’s around or give Dadaji a new term he can use for your pussy-cat !


Dr Know, am I the only one who feels embarrassed buying underwear? Can’t these sections be cordoned off. Heck, how one feels odd to check them out.

Arre nahin yaar! All of us are. But it’s basically lots to do with Superman. You see these superhero types wear it on the outside but they’re mostly in the air or climbing buildings and stuff. In our case, one needs to wear it right there with all these sales staff hanging around.

Moreover, to get a matching undie is damn tough. I mean can you imagine not being colour coordinated in today’s world ? So not to fret young man. Just go and whisper into their ear for your size, colour etc. Once they’ve given you a few, just turn towards any of the walls and check them out. Most often people don’t look at the figures near the walls thinking it could be a mannequin. Just check them out with your eyes, be sure not to move too much.  

Recommended: Grow up man! You’re old enough to check out underwear in public. All of us wear these things so your’e not really a biological marvel you know !! Go for it and get the most comfortable one. It’s summer after all !  

My daughter is 15 and I am surprised that her school doesn’t teach sex education. In my time, we used to read Dr Prakash Kothari’s book. Can you advise a good book to read? 

Wah Wah! Baap ho to aisa…!

Which school did you go to by the way? I didn’t get to read any such gems during school at Mumbai. Damn! This must have been fun isn’t it?

Achha, to be frank, I haven’t read Dr Prakash Kothari’s book and hence am pretty illiterate in this subject. Hence it may not be appropriate on my part to suggest some good reading for your daughter.

But jokes apart, with your indepth knowledge of the subject I don’t think I should risk suggesting some reading on the birds and the bees..

Recommended: Dr.Kothari has couple of books on this subject and hence it may be a good idea to invest in the entire collection. This may help in building some fresh perspective for the family as a whole 🙂

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