We Don’t Need Smartphones, We Have Great Hobbies Instead!

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“I like collecting stationery and believe that it will help me become a good artist someday. Whenever I want to preserve something, I draw it, says Samia Mehta, a 9-year-old from Pune.

Hobbies are a dying art today. The children of today are glued to their smart devices through the day, leaving them with no time to explore the outdoors, or cultivate a hobby.

Hobbies are known to be huge catalysts for creative development and can help build on the child’s cognitive abilities, yet this art is long forgotten, save a few examples.

We at Pune365 were delighted to connect with these bright young sparks of the city, who are among the few who have adopted creative hobbies and been pursuing them with much gusto. 

Says Samia, ” I have joined Drama classes and we are going to perform one in few days. Apart from that, whenever I go to a beach, I collect shells and pebbles and add that to my stationery collection.

Wherever I go, I bring more stationery for myself. I never thought of Collecting stamps or Postcards but now as the summer vacations are started I’ll surely start one,” she adds.


Arnav Gaikwad, a 12-year-old says,” I like sketching especially cars. Whenever I see a car I imagine a new shape of it.
If select themes, like animal then I draw a car which looks like an animal and has all features of the car. I like to draw the details in different designs.

I also like collecting stamps and coins also. My grandfather had gifted me his collections of those, so I find more and keep adding to it. It makes me feel good to continue these”.


I am 12 years old and I am very fond of Music. I like playing football also, but music is something that I adore.

Guitar and piano are of my interest and I also have these instruments at home.

Music time is my best time and I spend most of my time listining to music and I hope I become a good Musician when I grow up, says” Sarah Mehta.


Mohammed Affar, a 10-year-old says,” I collect Bottle caps and then I try making something out of it.

I have made tyres and cars with caps and then I play with the toys I make.

I like skating also, but this collection I have been building since I was two years old. I have nearly collected 90 to 100 caps and made them into other things.”





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