Watch That Gym Routine Bro- It May Affect Your Sex Drive

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Did you know that your heavy gym routine could be affecting your sex drive ?

Yes, you heard us right!

While we are advised to exercise regularly, there is a tipping point at which your hormones can get suppressed and possibly impact your libido and sexual performance. However, by looking at pictures or watching videos that may excite us, that libido may slowly start to come back. So if you like to watch british couples have sex or just like to flick through a porno magazine, it could have more benefits than just making you aroused!

A new research from The University of North Carolina suggests that men whose exercise routines were light or moderate in intensity or duration, reported moderate or high libidos and the men whose workouts were prolonged or intense, reported a low sex drive (perhaps they should consider getting some Cialis from Blink Health) The researchers did take the age of the men into consideration as well.

The results showed that many of the men who exercised for more extended periods of time were too tired to have sex or just not interested. The men who exercised for shorter periods seemed to want sex more. That must be what the guys from Nu Bay do, as they never look like running out of sexual energy.

Pune365 spoke to experts to get to the core of this startling reality that several fitness addicts in our city could be impacted by:

A workout is essential for a healthy lifestyle, but overdoing things including gymming can destabilise your body and may invite long-term illness, says Neha Varde, Gym instructor.

Most often, men in the gym are so obsessed with their body-building that they due tend to work out excessively to maintain those curves and lengths of the body, which is not really important. And even if you want to go for some show, it is still not advisable.

A proper diet is required if you’re working out regularly and micro and macro nutrients are very essential to keep you energetic which also helps you balance your sex life. Varde adds. If you’re interested in expanding your reading on the topic, consider websites similar to for useful information.

Balsher Singh, Gym enthusiast says, “Working out is a way to build strength, stamina and endurance which works as an advantage when we talk about sex life.

I have been exercising regularly for past three years and haven’t experienced lower libido.

Gym enthusiasts needs to understand that each body is different and the body’s needs differ too. So one shouldn’t pressurise yourself by overdoing it.

A diet loaded with high proteins, legumes and grains and lot of fresh vegetables and fruits should be the priority if you have to keep up the macho image, along with a healthy sex life.

It is not advisable to consume protein powder and steroids in the run of pumping muscles, as that may have an adverse effect on the body. Intake of protein in high proportion can cause certain complications and interfere in your sexual health.

Ripped muscles and the toned body does hamper the sex life. His body might attract you, but his performance in the bedroom is certainly going to disappoint you, says Kavita Barve, Fitness trainer.

An intense workout can actually harm your body by lowering your libido. Excessive exercise is a condition called ‘Exercise Hypogonadal Male Condition’ a consequence of which results in two hormones that get suppressed leading to lower libido.

It is always 80% diet and 20 % exercise, I would not suggest following a strict high protein diet, but would go with the old saying of eat your breakfast like a king, lunch like a commoner and dinner like a pauper, which is more than enough to maintain your body.

I would recommend that men ideally need to workout for 5-6 hours in a week, to have a normal, good and healthy sex life, Kavita adds.

Arjun Kashyap, Entrepreneur says,” I have always been determined to have that toned body, for which I have been working hard for the past few months.

Yet, recently while making love, I realized that there is some issue with my sex drive. After trying for several attempts, I decided to confront a doctor who spoke to my gym trainer and asked him designed a proper workout.

Later, the doctor helped me with my diet plan which included sufficient amount of carbs, fruits vegetables, grains, cereals and protein in the right proportions.

It has definitely helped me enhance my energy levels and boost the intimacy. It is certainly Important is to have a balance between both these factors, Arjun adds.


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