#WasteBar: Will A Free Drink Or Snack Help Pune Stay Clean?

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Now, picking up the litter around you can buy you a drink!

Unbelievable, but true. This novel ‘Waste Bar’ in Goa offers free beer in exchange for the waste collected from the beach…

The ‘Waste Bar’ initiative was started by Noreen van Holstein in collaboration with Drishti Marine, a private beach management agency that also works with Goa tourism. It aimed to make people aware and responsible for their own surroundings.

The initiative was launched on 30th January at the Zanzibar shack on the Baga beach. It aimed at not only cleaning the beaches but to build awareness on polluted beaches. The modus was as simple as collecting 10 beer bottle caps or 20 cigarette butts or 5 plastic straws to win a beer bottle.

As part of the Swachh Pune and Smart Pune initiatives, the PMC has been ruining various campaigns, however, the poor public participation has always been a concern.

Pune365 spoke to informed citizens on the possibility of implementing a similar motivation based campaign for a cleaner Pune: 

If not a beer, am sure Pune restaurants can easily provide a snack or food to students or anyone who helps collecting the litter, says Rahul Sharma, Mechanical engineer.

Our city has one of the highest student populations and they are always game to earn an extra bit to meet their expenses. Hence, implementing such initiatives the city would help keep the city clean as well as motivate the younger lot, Sharma added.

Samyukta Singh, PR executive, says It is unfortunate that people need such freebies to make them responsible.

It’s simple, if you’re creating the waste, be responsible for it.

No doubts on whether such campaigns will get good response, but the point is for how long can it continue?  In my opinion, instead of implementing such initiatives, there should be proactive policing to penalise people littering in the city.

Pune based Restaurateur Ajit Khedakar speaking to Pune365 said, “There is no need for such initiatives if people understand their basic duties. However, if Pune Municipal Corporation initiates such campaigns, we would be happy to help them.

However, free liquor will create many problems though. Giving free liquor in return for garbage collection will see all kinds of people turning up.

Ideally, this should be implemented at monuments, museums and places of interest first. Ajit further says, “All we expect and ask for is a clean and green city!”

Another citizen Manoj Antarkar, software professional says, “There is no harm in running such initiatives on a pilot basis without prolonging it.

We can think of such motivation led initiatives for proper garbage disposal without burning. Citizens should know their responsibilities and act accordingly.


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