“I Want A Man Who Will Hold The Door Open For Me..”

What woman wants


Women today are no longer the damsels stuck in a high tower in need of rescuing. Nor are they the subservient ‘TV serial bahus’ most families covet for their sons. This makes us wonder what the woman of today seeks in her ideal mate.

Read on to see what these Pune girls yearn for ..,

He should get me a drink from the bar and pull out my chair for me at the restaurant,” says Preet Pathak (21), a model. “I support the bid for equal rights. Yet I don’t believe it’s hypocritical to want your man to treat you right. What is wrong with treating me like a lady, and respecting that I have the right to make my own decisions?

While she is not alone in seeking the perfect 21st century gentleman, others like Richa Sarna, a 36-year-old fashion designer has a different opinion. “This is the 21st century! If you ask for equality between the sexes’ you sure as hell to get it!

Why act like a damsel in distress if you want to scream feminism rest of the time? My man should be one who has his life figured well and he shouldn’t seek to control me.

“He should earn enough to support himself and his parents. I refuse to waste my salary paying for him. This is why I don’t settle for men earning less than 15 lakhs a year.”

Mehvish Basra a marketing manager, believes that women don’t need to choose. “I’ve had boy friends who each brought something unique to the table. Now I’m turning 28, so it’s time for me to look for the best of all the dishes I’ve tasted.

“Money, looks and a decent brain are essentials. Just like you have wardrobe essentials for the summer, winter and fall; your love life has certain requirements too.”

This sassy woman reveals that she plans to be smart about it. “It is unreasonable to expect a dapper young fellow who is also a high earner, yet, humble and talented. So, I’m limiting my options to men who are independently wealthy or with a family business that is somewhat of an empire. Once that is sorted, all I have do is to look for is a good-looking guy with manners! Simple eh?” she laughs adding that her family hails from a business background, which is what she believes warrants her quest for such a groom.

Alisha Srivank is 30 and a techie who claims ‘men’ as a race are highly overrated today. “Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in having boyfriends.

“I hate it when guys see us gals as the ‘Abla Nari’. This makes me wish I could marry a girl. Yet, given a choice, I would select a guy who is in touch with his feminine side.”

“On the dating front, I choose guys with a lot of sisters. He should be comfortable braiding my hair, painting my nails and essentially being my weekend shopping companion,” she concludes.

Are you listening guys?

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