VR – Life Just Got Real Interesting..!


If you’ve ever wanted to answer questions like how are Japan developing the casino world? How is the gaming industry evolving? Or, in what way is the world advancing technologically? Then the odds are one of your answers will be virtual reality. Virtual reality is computer-generated imagery that creates a 3D environment for the person who is participating in it.

So, get away from it all this weekend and enter the world of Virtual Reality ! Whether it’s setting off on a mystical quest or just craving an adrenaline rush; online role-playing games proffer it all. If you’re looking for release after your gaming session, VR will soon have you covered for that too, such as the virtual reality live cam girls and other adult content like full-length feature porn films.

We bring you some of the most exciting gaming destinations that you can escape to for a dreamy adventure!

World of Warcraft Set in an ethereal fantasy world, the World of Warcraft better known as WoW features on every avid gamer’s bucket list. WoW lets you create your avatar before you set off on a quest that leads you across exciting new lands peppered with terrifying monsters that you can fight. Mainly a multiplayer game, this lets you indulge in role-playing with your friends as you level up and advance your avatar with countless new talents and skills.

ChoicesChoices lets you inject romance, drama, intrigue and even mystery into your character’s life. The best part is that you’re in complete control of your protagonist’s journey. Right from enjoying a delightful freshman year in college, stepping into a medieval drama or holidaying on a fabulous cruise ship: the sky is the limit to your choice! All you need is a smartphone and a quick trip to the playstore.


Based in the fictional land of Neopia, Neopets is where you can buy, adopt, evolve and feed virtual pets. Created with unusual themes and exciting worlds, be a swashbuckler with pirates, or fly with the fairies. Intriguing games, secret clubs and seasonal give-aways bejewel your time in Neopia.

Essentially an online Virtual Pet Community, enter this world if being Ash Ketchum from Pokemon was your childhood dream. It truly is a virtual reality gaming experience unlike any other.

Second Life

If you’ve fallen into a routine and want to completely reinvent yourself, then Second Life is the place to go. You can choose from stunning beautiful human and even enchanting supernatural avatars for your character. So embrace your inner vampire, werewolf, or goth chick for a few hours of thrilling game time! It lets you travel to places, meet new people and enjoy a host of activities. Play this on your computer and it even lets you invite friends along on your virtual journey.

SimsA popular android game, Sims is perfect for people who are thrilled with entrancing simulation. Build your own little community in a suburban setting of Sim city. With the option of marrying your sim, having same sex couples and even babies that you can grow into tiny sims, this is a game where the fun never-ends.

So what are you waiting for? Your weekend fun begins right here and now !

Aditi Balsaver

Aditi Balsaver

A rapacious reader and animal lover, Aditi is a traveler on weekends and a writer at night..
Aditi Balsaver