Visit Beautiful Bhigwan To Witness The Flight Of The Majestic Flamingoes

Flock of Greater Flamingos
Greater Flamingos at Ujani Dam Backwaters near Bhigwan in Maharashtra, India.


Rapid urbanisation, feeling of trees and the rising vehicular population has made the city a concrete jungle…

Only a few unexplored places remain where one can breathe fresh air and watch migratory birds and native animals wandering in the open. 

Bhigwan is one hidden gem where one can spot various species of Flora and a fleet of migratory birds resting in this quaint town.

Woolly Neck Stork Couple at Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary
Woolly Neck Stork Couple at at Ujani Dam Backwaters near Bhigwan in Maharashtra, India.

About 105 km from Pune is this lovely place that is a hotspot for nature lovers, photographers and those seeking tranquility and time off from the chaotic city life.

Bhigwan, a small town lining the limits of Pune and Solapur in Maharashtra is also popularly known as Bharatpur of Maharashtra since it attracts hundreds of species of migratory birds.

Lying alongside the backwaters of the Ujani Dam, it is ideal for a morning summer stroll in the charming lanes of the town.

A favourite spot for migratory birds of over 230 species, Bhigwan is a paradise for people keen in spotting the airborne birds and provides great photography opportunity too.

The best time is to visit here till the initial days of the month of April. The soaring high temperature and the current water crisis in the state sometimes fail to attract them.

Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary
Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary. Image:

Bhigwan is located on the Solapur-Pune Highway and is accessible by road and rail. Solapur bound State transport buses or taxis can drop you to the location. There are many trains rom Pune railway station that go pass Bhigwan station.

Although there are many accommodation options nearby, predominantly being a day picnic or sight-seeing spot it is advisable to drive down to explore more of the town.

Many travelers also setup camps and bonfires to catch the birds in action early in the morning, especially Flamingos. Sunrises are beautiful here.

Bhigwan Bird sanctuary and Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary (popular for the Indian Gazelle; Chinkara) are the two places you should definitely pay a visit.

A boat ride on the Ujani Lake will help you take a closer look at the birds but under an expert’s supervision; you can have a wonderful time feeding them too.

Finding food won’t be difficult in the vicinity but always keep some snacks handy along with lots of water. 

Your GPS locator can be sometimes deceiving hence ask the local for guidelines. If you want to capture the birds in action then patience is the key.


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