#VinitasPune: Tribute To All The Faceless People Who Are Integral To Our Lives

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It’s the Covid19 pandemic that has starkly shown how much we miss those who are an integral part of our daily lives and yet, rarely acknowledged…

Much as the privileged class in India would like to believe that it’s their snazzy car or plush home or an exotic holiday that are reflections of their status in society; on the flip side, it is the underprivileged that make you feel “arrived’’ in terms of your standing in the society.

Although no prizes for guessing, it is a good time to say a silent `thank you.’’

To that: 

* News vendor, who delivers the newspaper, to add spice to your morning cup of tea

* Milkman who delivers your milk, without which you can’t chirpily wake up as you need it in your tea

* Cleaner who wakes up early to wash your two-wheeler/four-wheeler so that you feel good while going for work, shopping or pleasure

* Security guard who sits up whole night so that you sleep in peace (never mind that sometimes he too goes to sleep during his duty hours)!

* Domestic servant who makes you feel like a queen as all the dirty work of washing utensils and clothes, sweeping and swabbing are taken care of. And yes, cooking too!

* Vegetable and fruit vendor whose vendor’s throat is often an irritant but who wakes up during wee hours of the morning to get you fresh vegetables from the wholesale market

* Garbage collecting woman who comes to your door to collect your wet and dry waste and even a day off by her is enough to make us uncomfortable

* Street sweeper who you meet during your morning walk. While you are exercising, this person is earning is livelihood and quietly serving the society

* Small grocer who promptly opens his shop by 7 am and is at your service till 10 pm, selling all that you need for your kitchen and household.

* Driver – be it of your personal vehicle, auto-rickshaw, taxi or public transport who religiously takes you to your destination without you having to take the stress of driving.

* Petrol Pump attendant who has become techno-savvy with your credit card too and fills fuel so that your commuting is smoothsailing.

* Barber who you can bank upon to get that hair cut and shave and have a neat look and feeling.

* Beauty parlour lady who uses her hard work and creativity to make you look good and stylish.

* Laundry man and the Dhobi who comes home to iron out all your crinkled clothes so that you look smart and presentable.

* Food entrepreneurs in the nook and corners and in restaurants of all kinds, who add that touch of revelry to family occasions and who win our hearts through the stomach.

* Mid-wife and nurses who work round-the-clock to look after the elderly at home despite being at the receiving end of their whims and fancies

* Repair Mechanics – be it plumber, electrician or others who repair our air-conditioners, water filters, vehicles, replace tyres and so on.


  • Hundreds of local and migrant labourers who toil in our city to make roads, build residential and commercial complexes, build canals and metros, clean our drains at the risk of their lives and in short, are into nation building literally!

Oh, how we took all of them for granted! That’s because we were born with such a lifestyle where each one of them served us so most of us don’t see their mighty contribution towards our life. It is the pandemic that has opened our eyes, as it shut their services from us. It’s time to stay in gratitude to them even after this crisis is over.

The superpower above, who you may call God if you wish, is giving strong signals to bring in the humanity within you; to explore the compassion, social justice and kindness within you. 

Let’s introspect and change!


Vinita Deshmukh

Vinita Deshmukh

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