#VinitasPune: Corona Virus-Social Distancing Is The Need Of The Hour, Not Panic!

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With Pune district’s integrated disaster management plan in action now (nothing to get alarmed), after Pune registered five positive cases of Corona Virus of the Co-vid19 variety, let’s have a look at Pune’s scenario

The vibrant spirit of Holi effused on the streets and housing societies though at a moderate level, due to the Corono Virus pandemic that seemed to be hovering over the city. Thus, social clubs cancelled their Holi festival programmes where the crowds would have gathered in large numbers.

By the evening, a couple who were on a package tour of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and returned to Pune, tested positive for the Corona Virus followed by three more who were in their proximity.

Thus, Pune is now in the radar of this pandemic though not at a serious level as of now, but the district disaster management and health authorities claim they are not taking any chances and putting their act together.

The first predictable consequence was the hush over the name of the travel agency that had organized the package tour. While the world over, the names of international cruise companies (that have/had Corona Virus passengers who tested positive) being publicly named out, the entire media is keeping the name under wraps about the travel company that took these passengers. Why? Because it means advertising revenue? By word of mouth it is now known, but it will be saved of any interrogation probably by the media.

It is not the fault of this tour company if some of its passengers contracted this virus but isn’t it accountable to make a public statement? Think it over. 

As per a news report in Pune Mirror, the patients at the Naidu Hospital were not even served food and are relying on online food Apps to deliver the same. The hospital authorities as per the report have thrown off their hands on this issue. Aren’t the hospital authorities vicariously responsible if these patients have outside food which may be infected? The patients have clearly stated that there is no one at home to bring them food as all the family members have been admitted. Wonder what food the Chinese man who was admitted here and praised the hospital to the skies, ate?

Then comes the chase for sanitizers. The have flown off the shelf and it seems as if most of the medical shops are waiting for the next consignment. I visited ten shops in Deccan Gymkhana area but could not get a bottle of sanitizer. Finally, I procured some little known brand in a shop in Pune camp area.

If there’s going to be a shortage of this very essential item, how is every  individual going to prevent being infected? Should that not have been the first action plan of the district’s disaster management plan?

Of course, there is no need to create a panic in the city like it happened during the Swine Flu epidemic when thousands of people assembled at the Sassoon Hospital for testing and people began hoarding Tamiflu tablets in large numbers.

It is important to follow the basic norms of personal hygiene, avoiding to shake hands, holding a handkerchief while sneezing or coughing and avoiding crowded places.

Also, the poultry industry has taken a severe beating with the general impression that the virus comes from the birds. The egg industry too is suffering economically leaving many poultry farm entrepreneurs in deep trouble.

What’s amusing is that, with no chicken being sold, one of the entrepreneurs decided to make Chicken Biryani and sell it at a throwaway price. And hey presto, there was a huge queue, some say around 5,000 people bought! Isn’t this an irony?

Hundreds of Puneites have cancelled their international holidays and lost a lot of money.

There is so much uncertainty about the safety of flying domestic airlines. In fact, holiday travel has come to almost a complete halt. You can say Puneites, who are always on the move, are stranded!

It is rather intriguing to note that after social media, Corona Virus has connected almost every country as if the virus, jealous of the world’s global village image, is taking revenge by spreading its tentacles and grounding the world on its knees.

What does it say in philosophical terms? That, man needs to sit back and introspect. This rat race of running and running be it for professional work or personal pleasure needs to be given a break.

The disruption caused by this virus in terms of economy is colossal and is affecting each one, no matter how big or small, how rich or poor you are. Quarantined in your own house, is it time to look within, of the life we all are leading.


#Visit Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare for authentic information on the corona virus and updates. http://www.mohfw.gov.in

#All views expressed in this article are those of the author and/or individuals that may be quoted within it and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to the same. All Names ( if any mentioned ) are being withheld by Pune365 to avoid any public panic in these trying circumstances. 

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