VijayDurg -Probably, The Most Beautiful Fort In Maharashtra

Vijaydurg, an imposing ancient fort is located near the mouth of the Vaghotan River in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra…

One of the largest forts on the Konkan coast, Vijaydurg is considered one of the best forts to visit in Maharashtra. It is a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India.

Vijaydurg fort is spread across an area of 68796.55 sqm and provides evidence of the martial supremacy of the Marathas under Shivaji’s period.

This fort is also known as the victory fort.

It is believed that the fort was built by Bhojraja Shilahar between 1196 and 1206 AD over an area of 5 acres, which later was extended to 17 acres by Shivaji Maharaj.

The Maratha King Shivaji Maharaj took the fort from Adil Shahi dynasty in 1656 and renamed it as Vijaydurg. It is also one of two forts where Maratha King Shivaji Maharaj personally hoisted the saffron flag.

The fort was initially named Gheria and is constructed using laterite stones. The fort consists of 27 bastions in which three are three-storied. The fort also has a 200 m long tunnel for emergency evacuation.

The original structure of the fort is still the same including the storage area for food grains, prison, a huge water tank, and the cannon. Interestingly, a compound wall about 300 feet away from the fort and deep in the sea has been discovered recently.

Locals also believe that there is a dock around the banks of the Vaghotan River which was used by Marathas for building and repairing their ships.

Reaching The Fort

Bus: There are many MSRTC and private buses that ply between Pune and Sindhudurg. Check the timings before you leave. Frequent buses are available to Sindhudury however, pre-booking is advisable.

Train: Find out the availability of trains before you leave, the nearest railway station is Sawantwadi as Sindhudurg has no train station of its own. After getting down at Sawantwadi you can use the local transport.

Car: If you’re taking your personal vehicle or a rented car then there’s nothing like it, Enjoy the beautiful drive on NH48 Pune – Wai- Karad- Kolhapur- Devgad katradevi- Vijaydurg. The drive may be a bit tiring, but the destination will certainly relax you.


There are some local vendors near the fort for snacks. Also, several restaurants near the fort which serve delicious and reasonably priced meals. Don’t forget to try the Seafood and enjoy a glass of Solkadhi.

Places To See: 

As the fort is surrounded by the beautiful sea on three sides, the Beaches are another major tourist attractions near Vijaydurg. Geriye beach, Tara Mumbai beach and Kunkeshwar Beach are all close by.

Kunkeshwar Temple

The Kunkeshwar temple also known as the Shiva temple is another major tourist attraction near Vijaydurg Fort.

It was built around 12 the century by the Yadva Dynasty and is the perfect example of ancient Konkani architecture.

It is often called the Kashi Of Konkan.

Enjoy Your Visit!


##All images are details are purely indicative and readers are advised to check finer details at the respective locations. 


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