Vasota Fort: A Delightful Destination For Trekkers

Vasota Fort and Lake

Situated on the banks of the Shivsagar Lake, Vasota is an ancient fort at an altitude of 1171m, beautifully surrounded by water on three sides.

It is at distance of 18 km from Bamnoli, 56 km from Satara, 70 km from Mahabaleshwar and 82 km from Panchgani. The fort is located in the deep forest of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. Vasota Fort is a haven and ideal destination for trekkers, mountaineers and hikers.

The Fort was built by King Bhojraj II of Shilhara dynasty in 1178-1193 AD and was later captured by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1655 AD and renamed it as Vyaghragad.

The lush greenery and natural protective ambience of the fort inspired Shivaji Maharaj to name it as Vyaghragad, vyghra meaning tiger However, in 1818 AD along with other forts of Marathas, this fort also came under British control.

Vasota Fort or Vyaghragad
Vasota Fort or Vyaghragad Image source: holidaymine

Vasota Fort is a perfect example of the traditional Maharashtrian architectural style. It is divided into three sections – Old Fort, New Fort and Nageshwar. The fort also includes the temple of  Mahadev, Nageshwar with the Lord Hanuman on the entrance.

While trekking to Vasota fort ensure that you’re along with a group, as the fort has many confusing routes on a trek. The difficulty level of the trek is medium and can be completed in 2:30 to 3 hrs. Also, it is recommended to carry the safety and necessary equipment.

Vasota Fort Trek
Image source: Thrillophilia

Reaching There

By bus: From Pune to Satara is 110 kms, there are various states buses plying on this route. From Satara bus station, one needs to take another bus to Bamnoli Village, which is the base of the village of Vasota Fort. From Bamnoli there are various boat which will take you Shivsagar lake the base of the fort.

By train: The nearest railway station is Satara, there are various trains on this route too. However please check the train schedule before you leave.

By Road: From Pune-Satara-Tapola-Bamnoli.

Local villagers offer stay options – there are many river camps and small homestays you can check out. The local Maharashtrian cuisine out here is bliss and easy on the pocket!

Places to Visit Nearby 

Vasota Fort Lake
Image source: LBB

Shivsagar Lake: A 90-km-long stretch of water itself is the prime tourist attraction. It is the reservoir of the Koyna dam. For water sports enthusiasts, this place is certainly for you, as it offers boating, water scooter rides and kayaking.

Nageshwar Temple: The temple is considered to be one of the holiest place near to the fort. It has a unique Shivaling on which water continues to flow throughout the year naturally. It is also a centuries-old temple and a must-see for visitors.



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