Use Of Social Media Can Hamper The Parent-Child Bond

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Parents have always restricted their kids from social media without realising that their own use of technology could be equally damaging to the Parent-child relationship.

A recent study states that while parents are out with their kids, one out of three parents are continually on their phones, losing out on the actual time spent with their children and affecting this bond. 

We spoke to some of the experts and citizens who tend to use more time on their phone.

A city-based counsellor said, “Parents who tend to use more of social media end up making their children feel less important. This in turn spurs the attention seeking habit of kids, that often leads to harming their overall social and emotional development.

There is a sensitive phase in every child’s development where the child needs constant attention in order for them to develop a strong emotional quotient. 

Parents nowadays have become so involved in the virtual bond that they miss out on the young child communicating through their eyes.

Limiting such face to face contact can lead to disturbances or lack of the well developed parent-child bond. The need for predictability and consistency for the emotional system to develop is very important.

It is difficult to stay out of the virtual world as our work environment doesn’t allow us to do so, says Arjun Chauhan, Journalist.

Being a journalist we have always been on our toes for work, social media is a part of us, Initially, we were so involved that we hardly spent hours with her or playing and talking.

Lately, we have realised that nothing is more important than answering all her unreasonable questions, Parenting done right, is children brought up right, Arjun adds.

A new mother Sharmila says, “It is important to stay updated, while young parents are all about social media. I have kept my friends, relatives known people updated with his health in a way.”

Although I don’t use my phone constantly when am with him, yet,  I take thousands of pictures to upload on my social media and also to create memories of his childhood.

From his first yawn to his first smile, everything for me is important to be captured. Yet, I make sure that my social media addiction doesn’t hamper our bond, she adds.

My facebook friends are not as important as my daughter! I would rather be with her on her birthday, instead of standing with relatives and taking a video. Says Fatima Ansari.

As parents we also need to behave in a responsible manner. We ourselves get irritated when we see someone on their phone while we’re talking to them. Imagine the condition of a child, who can’t even express his anger.

With technology, we’re now behaving in such a manner that our kids are already beginning to feel that they hardly matter to us.

Parenting is not an easy job, it is a lifetime commitment and if you’re not ready, don’t go for it, adds Fatima.



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