Unleash! Shirin Merchant’s Popular Dog Carnival Returns To City

Here’s What Is In Store For The Doggies At Unleash!

There is going to be some real real tail wagging on the 25th of this month. And yes, you are going to be blown away.

Canine Behaviourist Shirin Merchant

Unleash! With Shirin Merchant, the hugely popular annual carnival where dogs can actually do something is back at Balkrishna Lawns, Mundhwa, 3 pm – 8 pm.

Born out of Canine Behaviourist Shirin Merchant’s experience with dogs and pet parents, Unleash! is a one of a kind event that promises dogs and pet parents memories and activities in plenty.

Ringing in at UNLEASH!


A fun sport for dogs and pet parents, agility is a great way to exercise your dog’s mind and body. At Unleash! come and have  fun with your dog jumping, crawling and twisting. And for the athletic dogs we even have a fun competition!
Splash pools
What better way to beat the heat for the dogs and humans than to jump into our splash pools. The shallow pools are great for any dog that loves water!
Dog Training
At Unleash! join our dog training experts as they teach you the nuances of dog training and you can also participate in our fun competitions where you can show off your dog’s amazing  skills.
The Dog’s Mind
Exercising your dog’s mind is as important as exercising your dog’s body. At Unleash! come and play interactive games with your dog that will help exercise your dog’s senses, mind and strengthen the bond between you and your dog. And your canine Einstein can even take part in the mini- Olympics!
Health Ring
Get your dog’s health check done, speak to veterinary experts and learn lots about how to take care of your dog by Pune’s renowned vets
Kids and Dogs
If you love dogs, but can’t keep one, then this Carnival is perfect for you. Come and play with our trained therapy dogs, get cuddles, loves and lots of licks and let your heart overflow with doggy love. Perfect for Moms whose kids have been pestering for a dog; this is your chance to be the coolest mom in the world!
Health and Nutrition
Get great advice on general health and nutrition from top experts in the field
Fun and Games
A wild and whacky dog activity where you and your dog go crazy playing hilarious games in teams and trying to beat the clock! You are guaranteed laughter, happy dogs and smiles when you are in this activity area. 

Says Shirin, I want people to go back from the event after learning something new to do with their dog at home. Whether it is playing simple, yet mentally stimulating games or designing an agility course or reinforcing obedience training, it is all there – in one place.

Looking at the line up of rings where certified trainers and behaviourists will invest their time in your pooches you know you have a great evening in store.

Dog Carnival

Don’t forget to shop dog food from home bakers, check in at the Royal Canin stall, head to the health ring for a check up, or just chill over a coffee with your dog and friends.

All dogs have to be on leash not only for the dog’s safety but to minimise any chances of conflict between dogs or dogs and humans, adds Shirin.

Shirin Merchant was recently felicitated by the President and the Ministry of Women and Children at the First Ladies Award – for Women who have transcended barriers to achieve a milestone and are declared to be a first in their respective field.

With all this waiting for you and your pooch, we know you will go back happy and richer in knowledge and memories…