Turkish Cuisine Offered At Hyatt Regency

Turkish Food Festival

Hyatt Regency Pune, in association with Turkish Airlines, has brought ‘Merhaba Turkiye’, a Turkish food festival to Pune.

Located on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, a host of gastronomic influences make Turkish cuisine as irresistible as the land itself. Chef Muzaffer, flown in from Hyatt Regency Istanbul, brings you these rich and robust flavours in a specially curated and lavish spread at this unique gastronomic extravaganza.

Signature dishes will feature the likes of Turkish Mezze, kebabs especially the Doner Kebab well known Turkish dessert Tulumba and the quintessential Turkish Ice cream.

Round off this exquisite meal experience with Turkish Mint Tea or Turkish Coffee  which too has garnered great worldwide repertoire. Recreate the magic of Turkey right here in Pune.

The festival ends on October 14.