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Trending Hobbies


If the joy of endless learning coupled with hobby, the smell and texture of fresh handmade paper and newly bought stationery excites you?  Trending Hobbies are for you! Take a chance at endless self-improvement; A new hobby can lift your mood, help you meet people and even unleash the creative genius hidden deep within you.

So what are you waiting for? Take inspiration from this nifty list of the hottest hobbies this season…

Bullet Journaling

The latest trend, bullet journaling is just like writing your diary, but a little more. In your diary you share your daily experiences, feelings, learnings and aspirations; A bullet journal is a combination of your diary and your everyday to-do, to-buy or event lists.

You learn more about yourself on the journal pages. Plus it makes you more organised! What’s more – you can decorate your ‘bullet journal’ pages to match your moods, bringing into use the many beautiful diaries or notebooks you’ve got, but never used!

Paper Craft

If you love paper, this is a must. Papers come in different colours, textures and variants like handmade and jute. The endless possibilities they offer make you fall in love with it. Paper offers you creative expression to make flowers, book covers, photo albums and pulp art.

Just keep your enthusiasm going and take stock of the materials that include paper, scissors, glue and pencils, etc. Origami, embossed flowers and Paper Mache do require a little guidance initially which you can get by watching videos online or reading blogs. Paper artwork really keeps you engaged and you can only leave it after completing it. So fold into it creatively!


Do it yourself, is a spontaneous skill inspired by our daily challenges. Be it, ‘make best-of-waste’ or just a quick-fix! The skill lies in visualisation and optimum use of available resources to find a solution with great visual appeal.

In reality, we have a quick-fix for many things in our high-speed daily lives and we don’t even realise it. Just think about what fix you did today and that’s your DIY craft. Simply note it down and soon, you will see yourself develop this hobby of DIY Craft arts!

Digital art

This is one, every millennial knows! You simply use mobile apps and design applications to edit photos with effects. Making photo collages to share among friends is also a great way to make memories. Mobile apps like Skitch, Logo-makers and design applications like Photoshop can be used as a hobby to paint out your imagination (The latter ones would partially require training before you begin). Even startups now use logo-making tools and poster making apps. All things digital are a hobby! All you need is the time and focus for developing the skills professionally.


If you are armed with a flair for handwriting, develop this new hobby and give a new look to all your alphabets! Writing artistically lets you start lettering and write about your mood, giving it, form with design. Calligraphy and lettering go hand in hand. The form and style of writing a specific word, sets the mood for a theme. ‘Italics’ and ‘Serif’ are used in case of informal and poetic literature. The sans-serif and the straight, bold depicts formal expression well.

Polymer clay

Essentially modelling clay that hardens, Polymer clay is more pliable and less messy as compared to ceramic power or mud-clay. Easily available in the market, it allows you to play with various colours blending them in to form new shades and tints.

You can make artefacts, jewellery, pen covers or even miniature garden elements! You name it and polymer clay beautifies just about anything, but only with your imagination and skilled hands!  It’s really fun to handle the clay – you can roll it, cut it, mix it, fold it. Just get your hands into it. Need more help ? Online tutorials are a great place to start.

Get Crafty and Enjoy your Weekend!



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Manjiri Gaikwad

Manjiri Gaikwad

A graphic designer and trainer by profession and an Artist by nature.
Manjiri Gaikwad