Tapola – For A Tranquil Weekend With Nature

Tapola, Mahabaleshwar
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This exquisite village near Mahableshwar offers peace and tranquility what with the mystical sound of water and the chirping of birds. The quaint Tapola is located about 25 kms away from Mahableshwar and 147 kms from Pune.

How does one get there?

Reaching here from Mahableshwar is pretty easy, you can board a bus or take a cab. Although it is highly recommended to drive early morning and enjoy the beauty of nature. After reaching Mahableshwar, take a left and reach ‘Aaram Chowk’, from where you can travel down the hill road to reach Tapola.

Tapola has some of the most picturesque photo opportunities that makes it an ideal destination for one to experience nature. It will take you back to the time when mornings are reserved for bonding with nature and the lazy afternoons give way to magnificent evening!

Tapola is also a hub for trekkers.

The Vasota and Jaygad Fort located in the dense forest around the lake in Tapola are major attractions.The scenery of this forts and forests is glorious and you can capture the mother nature.

Where to stay?

Mahableshwar and Panchagani villagers offer stay options – there’s agro-villages, river camps and small homestays you can check out. The local Maharashtrian cuisine out here is bliss and easy on pockets!

Vasota Fort, located within the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, is completely secluded and can be reached only by boat. The permit for the trek can be procured from Bamnoli, one of the entry points to the Vasota trek.

The Nageshwar Temple is a centuries-old temple which is a must see for visitors.

Post this, you can drive down to the ghats of the village of Bamnoli and head to Kaas Plateau (which will be at its full bloom in September).There are many strawberry farms and nurseries with beautiful flora around Tapola.

Shivsagar Lake

The primary attraction in Tapola is the Shivsagar Lake – a 90 km long stretch of water,  which is the reservoir of the Koyna dam!! If you are a water sports enthusiast, this is the place to be for it boating, water scooter rides, kayaking or swimming Tapola.

Kas Pathar

A unique biosphere of Kas Pathar or Kas flowers of Maharashtra. After monsoons from August to November this vast plateau turns into a bed of flowers with more than 150 varieties present there. The Kas Pathar is also an ideal picnic spot. If you are visiting Tapola between August to November ‘Kas Pathar’ should be included.

 Vasota Fort

It is a peaceful location for nature lovers situated in the laps of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. Vasota Jungle is known for its flora and fauna that charms everyone. As you trek through this dense yet beautiful forest it will keep surprising you!

The jungle remains green throughout the year, therefore do not worry about the season much.





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