Top 10 Cocktails for this New Year Eve!

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Choosing cocktails, especially on special nights like the New Years eve can be an absolute task, but this time around, we bring to you a handy list of amazing cocktails from across the city’s most stylish bars..Go ahead and indulge but Don’t Drink and Drive!

Flaming Waterfall at Effingut Brewerkz, Koregaon Park 

Flaming Waterfall

The teasing electric blue flames falling from a height as the bartender pours a divine amalgamation of Vodka, Sambuca, Cranberry Juice from a height call out to you to get kicking into new year! Truly a sight to behold.The sweet cranberry infused with wicked Vodka and Sambuca adds to the appeal of this mindblowing waterfall. The ambiance of the place accentuates the experience.

Price: Rs. 425 each


Apple & Hazelnut Martini at Frozen Monkey, Shivaji Nagar

Apple Hazelnut Martini

If you are a person who likes an all round drink complete with taste and strength, this is the drink for your tastes. The strong whisky is muddled with fresh apples and then generously drenched with hazelnut liqueur. What’s not to like? Besides, the lively music and the fun atmosphere gets you swinging in an instant.

Price: Rs. 185 + taxes 



Chowpatty at Retox, Viman Nagar



Wish to welcome this New Year Shuddha Desi Ishtyle? Here’s a perfect mix for you – apunka budhe baba, meaning Old Monk, tantalizing Kaala Khatta, lime, black salt and some lager. Dim lights, cozy seating and a perfect ambiance for retoxing!

Price: Rs. 649 + taxes for 1.5L | My Retox Price: Rs. 449 + taxes for 1.5L



Pain Killer at Playboy Beer Garden, Baner

Painkiller Cocktail


Broke up this year or did you make some horrible career choice? If 2016 didn’t go down that well with you and you wish to completely erase this horrible year. Try this concoction of Jalapeno, Bell Peppers, Soda, Lime and Spicy Rum. The suave seating, ambient lighting and music enhance the taste of every drink.

Price: Rs. 349



Burnt Lemon & Vanilla Margarita at Teddy Boy, Baner

Burnt Lemon and Vanilla Margarita


Relive the sweet & sour memories of the past year and prepare yourself for the next. The kick of the Tequila, sour notes of lemon and a sweet hint of vanilla – a perfect combo! Taste and kick packed in one! This place also offers one of the best views of Pune City.

Price: Rs. 250 + taxes 



Choco Maniac at Rude Lounge, Viman nagar

Choco Maniac


It’s hard to act hard to get with chocolate especially when it is mixed with creamy whiskey. This peanut based drink is sure to bring out the child in you! The ambience of this lounge is nothing less than a vibrant broadway musical.

Price: Rs. 370 each


Raasta Peach Bellini at Raasta, Baner

Peach Bellini


The one with the classy choices are you? Go for Bellini with closed eyes, this mind blowing peach puree added to a smooth, sparkling wine looks classy and tastes even better. Pretty settings, indoor and outdoor anhance the overall experience.

Price: Rs. 250




Kicking Donkey at Irish Village, Mundhwa

Kicking Donkey


Can’t let go off coffee ever? Here’s the drink you need – The kicking donkey, a delectable combination of Espresso,whiskey, vodka – a sure high throughout the New Year Evening. The ambience is Irish in every sense.

Price: Rs. 300



Toxic Island at Hippie@Heart, F.C. Road

Toxic Island

It’s ok to be confused when it comes to choosing your drink but if just can’t settle, go all out and opt for the Toxic Island Iced Tea for a looong island trip but twice more fun! Hippie settings are sure to increase the Hippiness of the evening!

Price : Rs.350 glass 1.5 ltr : Rs.1350


Kaffir Cosmo at Bar Bar, Viman Nagar

Kaffir Cosmo


Stylish, Sexy, Suave – The Kaffir Cosmo is a superlative drink – Vodka, Cranberry Juice & Kaffir lime. Loud Music, Suave settings and mindblowing drinks – a perfect venue to welcome the New Year.

Price: Rs. 225 for 250 ml | Rs. 399 for 500 ml





Cheers to that ! See you next week with yet another exciting listicle especially for you. Have a wonderful 2017.



Statutory Warning: The consumption of alcohol can be injurious to your health.

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