Together, We Will Make Pune A Truly World Class City

Team Pune365
Team Pune365


A little over two years ago we were repeatedly warned not to even think of entering the media space. A city media brand should only be about food, nightlife and entertainment. Nothing else works. 

And, moreover, Pune’s youth are just not interested in anything else anyway…

Well, as luck would have it, we ignored every bit of this advise and conceptualised a city media platform that went on to become Pune’s choice in less than a year of its launch. 

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No, we do not want to gloat over what we have done and would rather use that time to work on what we need to do for this city and its people. 

We are here to build a community of citizens who are young at heart and seriously believe in making Pune truly the smartest city of our country. 

Yes, this is possible and contrary to what people think, is not dependent on brining in superfast modes of transport. This movement takes people and a consensus on improving each facet of the city. This, Ladies and Gentleman is our reason to be. 

Thank You Pune for making us such an integral part of your lives. Together, we will make Pune truly world class!

After all, Pune365 is your voice, your language and your purpose, 24/7, 365 days of the year.