Time To Soak In The Splendid Thosegarh Falls

Thosegarh, Satara


The monsoon is here and what better time than this to bond with nature!

Here’s a quick day trip that lets you enjoy the weather to the hilt and leave you rejuvenated for the week ahead…

Thosegarh is 137 km from Pune, and is this village which is truly as pristine as it can be, what, with a 200 meter long waterfall expanse right across the village.

Welcome to ‘Thosegarh Waterfalls’, 20 km from Satara city, in Maharashtra.

Thosegarh, Satara

While one can spot innumerable small waterfalls on the way towards the village, the best view can be obtained by driving to the table land (with available parking) and then walk down the paved path for around a kilometer or so.

The milky-white waterfall flowing amidst the lush green hills and table tops make the trek worth its while. The Thoseghar waterfall is a government maintained tourist attraction and strict safety measures are in place to ensure no accidents occur here.

Hence, bathing or playing under the fall is strictly prohibited here. There are also barricades near the mouth of the waterfall to prevent mishaps. The USP of the fall is the view from the table top that instantly transports you to a unique calm amidst the woody green surroundings.

Thosegarh Entrance
Image: Tripadvisor

One can spot several smaller falls to enjoy nature at its best and soak in the picturesque view. People from across the state visit Thoseghar during the monsoons. Peak season is  from July to November when visitors can enjoy the weather the locale is famous for.

Travel Tips:
Wear anti-skid shoes to avoid slipping on the pathways.
Carry rain jackets, umbrellas with you.
Ensure that your kids are not left unattended near the waterfalls.
Look for directions to reach the place on time.
Take extra clothes and packaged food for emergency.

Since there are not many places to stay in the vicinity, a day trip to the place is advised. One can also visit the other interesting places around, like the Wind farm, Sajjangad and Chilkewadi to have a day well spent.

If you have a clear sky that you see from Thoseghar, do not miss the large wind mill farms on the hill top at Chalkewadi 10 km from Thoseghar. Often covered with mist and clouds, it proves to be a feast to the eyes. 

Much like the typicality of a tourist destination in Maharashtra, you can get plenty of the roasted corn, ‘Bhajji and Chai’ and the ‘Pithla Bhakri’ to satiate your hunger pangs..

Have a wonderful weekend readers! 


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