Thumbs up to #demonetisation

The recent demonetisation to curb large-scale tax evasion and unaccounted wealth has attracted much flak from the country; Majority of the politicians, citizens and businessmen seem to have mixed opinions on whether it is for the greater good and that this has been an uncalled for move.

Pune’s intelligentsia see light at the end of all this logistical hiccups and voice their positivity to Pune365.

Brigadier Satish Inamdar (Retd.)

There is no doubt that demonitisation has had a positive impact as its aim is to take out black money. It is even good for the economy. Due to this immediate, future election will be low-key and there will be less corruption. I think that all the politicians that are making noise about this issue are in trouble. There are very few people who are perturbed by this but the common people know it’s for their own good.

Abhishek Shah, Software Developer

This was one of the boldest moves by Modi and by far the best, compared to any of the prime ministers in all these years. One of the major reasons is the corruption and the black money issue that people already know of. With this demonetisation, the black money market is now stalled for at least a decade. The people funding terrorism and betting are now taken aback by his move and the reasons are obvious. I have seen people complaining, but consider this, if people can’t even stand in line for this little thing how can they expect Modi to do something for them. Its people versus him and that’s a shame! The other thing is digitisation of money; a new digital India is on the horizon and Modi needs our support to reach there. Once that is done, the economy of our country will boost to another level and there will be more employment for people in our country. There needs to be more awareness among people and we should be the one leading this awareness building.

Arvind Kansal, Senior Technical Leader, Cisco USA

In my view the impact is positive, but the biggest challenge is whether this step will impact the future or not. Demonetisation is very significant and the mechanics of implementing it are complex, but it is just a reset button that flushes out the old currency notes. But, this does not go to say that the same won’t happen with the new notes eventually. Unless there is change in our tax policies there won’t be a long-term impact on negating black money from the country.

Harshal Kathole, Software Developer

This is definitely a good move by our prime minister. This has been done before as well, but it didn’t work. The reasons why I feel it is a good move is because it will flush out the unaccounted money which has been stored secretly in the parallel economy. Also, it will put a stop counterfeiting which receive support from our neighbouring countries and in turn help minimising terrorism. As for me, even though I am living away from home, I’m not facing many challenges as such, because I hardly depend on the hard cash. But in case I need the liquidity I will have to stand in long queues. I guess this problem will also get resolved after some amount of time.

Lokesh Kasat, Director of GNR Solutions

I think this is a really good move by our prime minister. There are many benefits and we need to give it atleast a month. One is that the issue of black money will be eliminated due to which GDP will increase. Also, bank loans will become cheaper and duplicity of notes will decrease. Even during the elections, the politicians will not bribe the commoners into voting for them since they won’t have black money.

Nupur Lodha, Former-Bank official

Yes, the demonetisation move has helped to remove black money from the economy. But, I don’t know about how it’ll work in the long run. It’s just been a few days since this happened. It is too soon to speak.

Vijayraghavan, Former-Bank Official

There is no question about the positive impact that demonetisation has had on India. It roots out all the black money that is going into terrorism and anti-national activities. It’s a spectacular move by the Prime Minister and there is no doubting this.

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