This Pristine Konkan Getaway Is Just 190 Kilometres Away

Kelshi Beach
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Kelshi is a perfect weekend getaway from Pune located 190 km away and gives the traveler a taste of the real village life of Konkan.

During the rule of Peshwas, they had built houses which remain the major attractions for tourists. Kelshi is a big draw for beach lovers stretching for 2.5 km with an amazing view of the sunrise and sunset.

The Mahalakshmi Temple, Siddhivinayak temple and Yaqub Baba Dargah are a must visit. The festivals celebrated in the village still preserve the traditions of yore.

Kelshi Beach
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Reaching Kelshi:

To travel from Pune to Kelshi beach, use Paud road till Mulshi. From Mulshi – head towards Bhagad – Nizampur – Mangaon – Mandangad and onto Kelshi.

The nearest railway station to reach Kelshi Beach is Khed. Khed railway station is situated around 40 KM from Dapoli and around 60 KM from Kelshi beach. From Khed railway station you can reach Kelshi beach by bus or private cab.

Places to Visit:

Mahalakshmi Temple

Source: Harihareshwar

The temple was built during the Peshwa regime and the idol is believed to be formed from Sand during Tsunami with a powerful deity.  The temple is located at the base of kelshi, Utambare hills along with the idols of Ganpati and Lord Shiva. It is believed that the visit to the temple is incomplete without visiting Dargha.

Yaub Baba Dargha

The 11th spiritual leader of Shivaji is known to be Yaqub baba. Shivaji Maharaj Visited Yakub baba in the year 1661 and 1676 and sought his blessings. Shivaji donated 653 acres for the dargah to be built. The work on the dargah was initiated by Shivaji Maharaj and was continued by Sambhaji Maharaj, and Bajirao – I completed the work on the dargah.

Kelshi Beach

A beach is a perfect place for nature lovers, along with sea waves for company. The tranquillity of nature can be best felt while taking a long walk on the beach with only waves accompanying you. The unpolluted cool breeze makes it an ideal destination for a weekend gateway.

Siddhivinayak Temple

The temple is located in the main street village and was built in 1150 and later renovated during 1768 to 1780. The temple is famous pilgrim centre for tourist, Ujwya Sondecha Ganpati” the Ganesh idol is a rarity with its trunk turned towards its right side. Temple is about 15 Kms from Kelshi.


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