This Is What Pune’s Youth Are Dreaming About

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It is believed that our dreams often guide the day ahead. At times, they become the earth shattering change that you have to come to terms with or work towards. While they are not always pleasant, the dreams can be game changers too. 

Dreams are great indicators for clinical psychologists who study them closely and derive patterns to help people come to terms with various concerns they are grappling with.

We asked Pune’s young population on the weird and unique dreams they could recall and how it impacted their lives, if at all. One stranger than the other, here is what they said:

Dinesh Parve (A BPO Executive) recalls,”I had a very horrific dream once and that brought about a change in me. A few years back I dreamt about eunuchs. I was traveling with my friends and we were on a train. A eunuch arrived and asked us for money.

A friend of mine started ridiculing her and that offended her and she went nude in front of us. I was petrified that time. Ever since then, whenever I travel with my wife, or even alone, I give money to eunuchs as soon as they ask.

“It was a very funny dream. I was engaged and getting married but before that my cousin brother was already hitched says, Tabish Sayyed ( IT) so I dreamt that it was my marriage and I eavesdropped on a few ladies who were discussing my cousin’s marriage about his marriage.

I shared this with him and the only thing this dream brought us was giggles.”

Tarik Khokar(Civil Diploma Student) recollects, ” A few days ago, I slept around 2 am. and dreamt about my sister’s Death. The next morning I woke up with watery eyes and I went to the washroom and cried out.

My heart was so heavy. And then again after a couple of days, I dreamt the same for my brother. Yes, psychology says, that death dreams result in long life but that moment it shook me. And after that dream, I felt our bond is strengthened.”

“I can’t believe that I am sharing this dream here. I am a chain smoker and one day I was smoking in my room and then I slept. I dreamt that I was smoking while everybody slept like I usually do, says Priya Shah(Student) and suddenly my mom knocked on the door on seeing smoke.

I freaked and opened. I perfumed the entire room but she found my *cigarette packet.

And then I woke up. Trust me I wasn’t afraid as much when I failed. I now hide my cigarettes in a packet of sanitary pads.

Manisha.P( Executive in a BPO) says,” I had a very ghastly dream. I dreamt that I was being watched while sleeping.

I was deep in sleep and I saw a lady dressed in a white saree facing the window with black long hair. Thankfully, I didn’t see her face else, I would have actually died.

Then I got up in my dream and tried switching on the lights, but none turned on. I called my mom but she wasn’t there and when I was actually awake, the first thing was to switch on the lights.

My entire body experienced an unusual pain. I experienced paranormal activity in that dream. I went and slept in my parent’s room and for 5 years I didn’t sleep in that room ever again.”


*Smoking Kills! Pune365 strongly discourages the consumption of alcohol and tobacco as they are seriously injurious to health.


Riya Kalwani

Riya Kalwani

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Riya Kalwani