So, This Is What Marriage Is All About!

Life after Marriage
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Think twice before you need to get married. Yes! you read this right!

Pune believes that marriage brings a huge lot of changes and challenges to one’s life. Some have left their careers behind, and a few others believe, it helped them shape their life..

The eternal dichotomy of marriage, is that it brings happiness, patience, belief, love and change, all at one go say these Puneites, we connected with:

“I dated him for four years and decided to get married but didn’t realise that he was a mamma’s boy,” says Shivani Nair, PR executive.

The struggle of fulfilling everyone’s expectations isn’t a cake walk. The biggest hurdle is to live up to the expectations of your mother in law. No matter what you do to get in their good books, there is always something she is cranky about.

My mother-in-law is dominating by nature. We have to ask her before we go out. Else, take her along wherever we go, be it for a movie date, or just grocery shopping, adds Shivani.

“I am tired of shopping, it has become a fixed weekend plan to go shopping,” says Aditya Singh, Techie. Despite having a shopping list of two pages, her shopping is never completed.

Our weekend plan is fixed and we either go for grocery shopping, culinary shopping or end up going to the new boutique shop in the city.

“The only good change after marriage is, I don’t have to listen to all those saas-bahu nonsense. They both share a very good bond and inseparable now. It often happens that we get into fights, if I forget mom’s medicine or something else.” He adds.

“It was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life,” says Neha Shah, Media professional.

I belong to a conservative family, was not allowed to work, travel, and no late-night dinners.  Things changed after marriage and my in-laws were the kind of people I always wanted. They never restricted me for anything and always supported me, to pursue my dreams.

“I am now allowed to work, party late night, travel. I can do anything and everything I want to! What more I could ask for?” She adds.

Romance has come to a standstill, but the intimacy remains. There was a time when it was difficult to keep our hands off each other, but now we hardly have even a passionate kiss! says Divya Rao, Business head.

My husband never has time now, though we dated for years before getting married. I understand that a relationship cant always be ovey-dovey like it was. Yet, I feel its important to shower love, like we did before marriage, she adds.

“You think any man in the world is able to understand a woman? Nope, it’s impossible. It is not even near possible,” says Nirav Mathur, Artist.

I got married three months ago and realised that my wife has a obsessive disorder for neatness. According to her, everything should be kept in it’s proper place, be it my socks or the towel, It irritates me. I like to have my own space and this I miss…

“Whenever I am late after a get-together or from office, my wife keeps taunting me for an entire week.

However, marriage has it’s advantages and every fight, doesn’t lead to a breakup ! ” Nirav adds, with a laugh.


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