This Is How Weird Puneites Can Get When Drunk

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We all know that someone who can gulp down multiple shots and moments later, pick up a fight, text their ‘Ex’ and spews an opinion on every little thing, be it GST, Demonetisation or just ‘acche din’….

These wonderfully funny moments (including our own!) remain etched in our memories and are most often recalled at the next round of shots..

Yet, some of these incidents seem to take the cake, or so it seems from these stories that these young Puneites confessed to: 

“I remember talking to a mannequin for an hour at a mall that is jam packed even on a Monday evening,” shares Praveen Joshi, red faced.

My friends also took a video of me speaking to her, assuming that I was talking to a human being. It did give me a good laugh and the onlookers got a great show that day.

“This is something neither me nor my friends can get over.”

“Honestly, I don’t remember what happened, but according to my mates, I made amorous advances to random people (including females) at the club after which I passed out,” shares Shreya Bhowmick.

“I remember doing some ‘role play’, but this was way too far from my character.

Two days later, I got eight friend requests on Instagram from people who told me that they were there at the party at the club and wanted to ‘Fraaandship’ with me.”

Kashish, a communication student had to spend an entire night sleeping under the chairs of a hospital waiting room.

“We were three of us, all rum-soaked and driving back when we arrived at a check post.

“I realised immediately that this was it! We managed to park the car somewhere and ran for our lives. But without much luck as the cops were in for a chase.

We went to every corner of the lane and I finally ran into a hospital. At first, I spent a few hours in the loo and then when it got darker, I went to the waiting room and slept under the chairs.

“I was there till 4 in the morning when my father finally came to take me after settling the matter with the cops,” he adds.

“I dread the day when I threw up on the lap of my hostel mate and that too, in a closed car with three others.

This was after I had embarrassed myself by dancing on ‘chikni chameli’ (without the song) in front of my crush and hundred random people, demanding sugar all the while, to get that extra kick.

“Since then, I have made it a point to drink only at a house party,” shares Mihika Arora, a freelancer.

“I do have this habit of socializing with strangers, but this was weird,” shares Sambhit.

One day I get a FB Message from a guy who was comforting me on my bad sex life. After a detailed conversation, I realised that we were in the loo when I shared a lot about my personal life to him!

“This was a random stranger, whom I met for the first time in the loo of the hotel. He was my best friend for the night and I landed up paying for his beer too.

How nuts was I to do that!” Sambhit exclaims.


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