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Feeling of Music
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Music is an emotion in itself and signifies different things to different people. For some music is tranquillising and for several others a mood-enhancer.

We at Pune365 were curious to know and spoke to different age groups, to understand what music meant for them and how it has played the role of a companion in their lives.

Sneha Patel says, “Music is an escape from stress, society and everything that bothers me. It takes me to a zone where everything seems perfect and joyful. It soothes me. I don’t know what music really is, but whenever I feel low or disturbed, it heals me.

Often, I don’t feel the need for human being and my earphones and music are enough to keep me going.

“Each generation has a different taste in music. Many youths of today have grown up with the increasingly popular electronic beats and symphonies that are created by dj equipment, and may take comfort in it. I like some old songs from the era I was born in, but if someone plays really old numbers from the sixties and seventies, I may also dislike it. Music is different for everybody says James Alberto who is in his 40s.

“For me, it takes me on an emotional trip. I do not prefer to listen to music when I am depressed or low. It goes deep down and I recall everything, but there is nothing like music. It peps me up and most importantly, I like that zone.

Music is my life. If music was human, it would certainly have no enemies, adds James.

Priya Gupta says, “Music is so charming. Whenever I am alone at some place, or even home, the first thing I do, is to put on some music. I don’t feel lonely with music around me. I have traveled a lot and have stayed in many cities and music has played a major role for me, in my trips.

If I am not familiar with a particular place, I cant stay there. I feel music is my companion. I can listen to songs according to my mood and can pour out all my feelings. It’s the best thing in the world,” she adds.

“I am working mom and trust me we don’t get much time in spare to ourselves. But music finds its space. Whenever I feel low or tired, I play some music.

It actually gives me the much needed break after a tough day.

“My son listens to EDM and English songs mostly probably because that soothes him. Music just adds so much flavour to family road trips, birthday parties and social gatherings,” says Himani Nayak.

Riya Kalwani

Riya Kalwani

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Riya Kalwani