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With the large obsession with fair skin, India is already the largest market of skin lightening products and now thanks to the beauty and glamour industry the pursuit for sculpted beauty is now even greater.

Copious amounts of money and time is spent to enhance physical appearance and apparently, the patients are more than willing to accept the pain that comes with these complex treatments.

The treatments range from creating the perfect smile to changing the way the nose looks and almost anything is now possible say city experts. Yet, how much of all this is sensible and safe ?

How much is too much ?

“Indeed, maintaining one’s beauty with increasing age is very important, but unfortunately, the western influence has led us to go under the knife and bear much pain only to look younger” says Karishma Kaul, a beauty blogger.

India is known for its large resource of natural remedies that have been the age-old methods responsible for our women looking so youthful. But I think, the millennials and the ‘Z’ generation have little knowledge of these remedies and opt to spend on these cosmetic procedures and accept the discomfort,” Kaul adds.

Dr Shail Jaggi, specialist in cosmetic dentistry and Endodontics at a Microscope Enhanced Practice – Dental Wiz, explains that the number of men and women who come for these kinds of requirements are almost similar in numbers.

We have around five patients every week for cosmetic procedures apart from dental aesthetics.

“There are two aspects of getting a beauty procedure done. One is dental aesthetics which mean that people keep coming in routinely to get veneers done or get their teeth whitened. These teeth whitening procedures are very popular and immediately gives a very youthful appearance.

“People come in to get their chipped or broken tooth fixed which can be done with a tooth colour material, within an hour to make the teeth look fantastic.

The teeth can be even given a sporty looking appearance or for slightly older women they can be given a more rounded, dignified looking appearance.

“Also, with dental, now people are also getting their facial aesthetics, hair treatments, PRF technique, vampire facial, micro needling, microblading for eye brows and lips plumping, permanent lip colour makeup etc done.

The demand for Botox, fillers and threads has gone up tremendously.

As we grow older we witness the loss of volume of our face. For such people, we inject fillers into the checks or creases of the face that disappear like magic in matter of ten minutes making them look ten years younger.

“Facial aesthetics is now gaining tremendous popularity not only in the older lot, but in younger people as well says Dr. Jaggi. More and more professional cosmetic centers are opening to meet this demand, and patients need to be careful to choose quality over cost. Places like Park Avenue Skin Care hire only qualified dermatologists who know exactly how to carry out procedures without risking any harm to patients, whereas the centers that focus on cutting costs will also cut corners when it comes to training their staff and using the correct equipment.

Many of these treatments can now be done non-surgically as opposed to earlier when they were done surgically, without touching a knife or any harsh instrument into the skin.

A basic cosmetic procedure can starts from Rs 3500 and can lead to a Lakh or more depending upon the kind of surgery. Botox, fillers, threads, face lifts and lip plumping need to be renewed or retouched once a year.

Dr. Seemab Shaikh, ENT surgeon too opines that the trend has been constantly increasing and there is no gender bias here. “People are becoming very conscious about their appearance, so they take the options that are available and go with whatever can be done to them. This doesn’t mean that getting botox or fillers is a complete right off. Just think about why you want to get procedures like these done. If you want to get fillers knowing that it will help improve your confidence, than that’s completely up to you. Just make sure you do your research. With the help of the internet and specialist clinics like RAM Plastic Surgery, there’s so much information you can find out when it comes to professional surgeons and the procedures themselves. It’s best to be safe than sorry, especially when it’s a choice you’ve decided to make.

Most of them belong to the 20-40-year age group. We do get a lot of patients in the earlier age group of 17 to 20 as well but for them, we do a lot of counselling and make sure that they are very sure about what they need.

“Moreover, these people mostly belong to the entertainment or hospitality industry or are those who are getting married or want to. Only 5 to 10% are those who have got developmental deformities.

The most popular procedure is cosmetic Rhinoplasty (nose correction through plastic surgery) as well as several opting for hair transplants and new fads like chin uplifting and creating dimples.

“I do not term this very dangerous as most of these procedures are medically very safe in the right hands.

“Moreover, the experienced surgeons never go ahead and give into patient’s demand. We always first try to assist the patient psychologically and know what their levels of obsession are.

If you find them over-obsessed or unable to handle failure, or suffering from an underlying obsessive disorder, or a psychological issue, then there could be a problem.

“We normally suggest that before going in for any cosmetic procedure, they must go through a detailed counselling session that happens with the patients and the immediate family as well.

“After assessment, we know that what they really want and why. We have to ensure the patient has understood the pros and cons and will be able to accept the results that follow.

Moreover, every procedure comes with its risk, so it is not right to say that it is 100% safe,” he adds.


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