Theysee: Blending Talent and Technology For Art



When you walk the labyrinth of narrow roads in Pune Camp, do take a moment to soak in the old, Parsi-Iranian architecture..

When you glimpse rows upon rows of quaint wooden houses, keep an eye out for Dastur Meher Road – a street entrenched in history and this is where you will find Theysee, Pune’s newest art gallery.


Founded by an inspired trio, Alet Viegas, Shankar Mridha and Rahul Chakraborty, Theysee seeks to blossom creativity by breaking away from typical art studios. Created to nurture various art forms, TheySee plans workshops to build a community vibe and spread art awareness.

Alet, founder at Blackbean Engagement (BBE) is extremely passionate about the potential of technology. “Art too will see a disruption with new-fangled means of creative execution using technology,” he says.

Shankar is an art curator and positivist who is founder at Jumbish with Rahul. A prominent watercolour artist, Rahul has always sought to mentor artists. Jumbish has a huge database of artists and creates various platforms for them. So, when the minds of BBE and Jumbish met, naturally TheySee was born.

“We needed to think out of the box while starting Theysee,” says Shankar explaining why the gallery doubles up as a Co-working space during the day while moonlighting as an Art Studio. “Striking a balance between leveraging the space as a IT company office and an art gallery demands acceptance and understanding towards the needs of an artist at all times.

“We dreamt of a place where different art forms could come and share a platform, thus creating a new art form altogether,” he reveals.


Talking about the diverse exhibits they plan to host, Shankar shares, “We welcome everything from spatial art installations and video installations to performing artists across classical, contemporary and modern genres. What is more is we have painting exhibitions from different artists every fortnight.”

The most intriguing project coming up at Theysee, however, is Baul and Abhang. The combination of two mystical Indian singing styles, this seeks to connect human vibrations. “We even have a Ludo Tournament and a Calligraphy Workshop coming up for people from all walks of life. These shall be interspersed with Voice Culture and Effective “Riyaz” for various musical genres!” Mridha declares, signing off cheerfully.

Having showcased monsoon inspired paintings in June, the gallery is all set to host ‘Startlets on the floor’- a project inspired by Cuban music and Latino moves next.

Aditi Balsaver

Aditi Balsaver

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Aditi Balsaver