These Strange Looking Gizmos Can Simplify Your Life

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At the pace at which technology and innovative thinking is growing, there is a new interesting product in the market every now and then. Some of them have actually made lives significantly easier for those who have chanced upon it…

And for those of you who may not be great at spotting these new products, there is always Pune365 to rely on.

Here are five interesting products that we believe you must own:


Glow Earphones: Earphones have become an essential companion for everyone today yet, end up being a huge pain when it comes to getting them from your bag and untangling the mess of wires!

This just gets worse when it is dark and you can’t spot them in the bag and this is exactly where these ‘glow in the dark’ headphones step in !!

A unique pair of earphones that are luminescent and resolves the problem of getting lost. Its available in a riot of colours and come with a thicker cord preventing the frequent tangling. You can find lots of reviews on gadgets like this online; there’s a solution to almost every problem out there, whatever your lifestyle requires.

India Mart

Hand Washing Machine: This Hand or mini washing machine is an innovative gadget that makes washing clothes easy.

Its a blessing for students and working people. In a bucket of clothes dipped in detergent, all you need to do is to place it in, clip onto the side of the bucket and switch on.

Interestingly, it saves your hand wash effort and the clothes get rinsed well.

No more expensive washing machines. If you are a hostelite, a traveler or a flat mate, just get one of these to keep your hands away from all the washing!

Hickies: Many of us are fond of Laced shoes, that are normally far more comfortable than the slip-ons. If at all there is anything that keeps us away, it is the bother of typing the laces.

Here is where these hickies or shoe loops step in to resolve our dilemma. These are elastic and doesn’t require any tying and literally converts laced show to the ease of a slip-on!


Cellular Outfilter

Thin Optics For Reading: How many times have you forgotten your pair of reading glasses on a trip or when you stepped out to din

Thin or slim optics are exceedingly interesting reading glasses that sit firmly on your nose. Comes with a case that can be stuck on the reverse of your mobile to make it easy for you.Credible brands come with a lifetime replacement guarantee too


Gadget Flow

Mini Troll: Music soothes everyone. Imagine if you could convert any speaker into a home theatre. Mini-trolls is one such speaker that can transform a place into a 360 surround enveloped environment. This speaker is armed with a unique resonance technology. Its available in many colours and its one that product that every music lover should have.



#All details and features mentioned are purely indicative and readers are advised to crosscheck finer details on the respective shopping platforms for accuracy. Pune365 does not endorse or vouch for the quality and durability of the products mentioned.


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