These Stories Are All About Love And Slobbery Kisses

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You don’t need a pedigree to love unconditionally say these lovely dogs who come with bags full of love, slobbery kisses and more for their wonderful parents. 

Here’s a list of randomly selected adoption stories in this curated list from the #Pune365Furholics archives.

Grumpy And Honey Are A Houseful Of Fun!

Two Girls = A Lot Of Love, Positive Energy And A Very Happy House.

One was rescued in Bangalore, the other in Pune. One is the Yin, the other the Yang.

Welcome to GrumpyHoney and their full time very proud parents, Vidya and Samik Biswas’s home. Both software professionals are completely in love with their daughters. Read More

Chaitrali’s Terrific Trio – Bruno, Lucky And Phatakdi

Bruno,Lucky and Phatakdi ha ve one very important point in common. They are all rescues. Chaitrali Modi, found each of them in difficult circumstances and decided to make them her own.

The first was Phatakdi, who stayed close to Chaitrali’s place. The Spitz mix girl was not well cared for and already over a year old when Chaitrali befriended her. It broke Chaitrali’s heart and soon Phatakdi walked into her home

About a month later, she found Lucky, a puppy – who was hit by a car and had broken his jaw. Chaitrali took him in and nursed him to health and he joined her family. Sometime later came Bruno, a victim of another accident, paralysed waist down.

Bruno, the special needs child is kept at Chaitralis father’s shop where he has a backyard to stay in, an attendant to clean up and another to make sure he is well fed and happy. Read More..

This Is How Candy And Sassy Deepti And Anuj Can Get

They go for really long runs together and they enjoy looking after community animals together. Deepti Kolar an IT professional and husband Anuj Navare, a finance professional are doting parents to their fur babies Candy and Sassy.

Says Deepti,”Without them our life would be much poorer and less joyful!

Even though they have taken over everything! Sofas, beds, etc. Nothing is safe from Candy! “

Both of our dogs ‘just happened’. We found Sassy (now nine and a half ) near our house with a broken leg so we took her in. The plan was to foster her till she gets alright. However, we fell in love with her. Similarly, we found Candy as a 3-month-old pup with blue eye syndrome, took her in for treatment and she’s still with us! Candy is three years old now. Read More

The Shamshers Cant Imagine Life Without Sherkhan


Sherkhan looks down from the balcony, focussed only on the new entrant in their lane. Somebody, he barked away just last evening but who continues to be seen. He doesn’t like it. He doesn’t bark, but perhaps plans his next verbal volley when he confronts the silly intruder on his next walk.
He walks in to look for mom Sarika Shamsher. Thankfully she is exactly in the same place he left her – in the kitchen. “He is my shadow. He doesn’t leave me alone for a minute,”
smiles Sarika, a teacher at Sapling, a pre-school, of the youngest member in her family.
And then its time for dad Mohan Shamsher, AVP- recruitment, Techmahindra, to come home. Sherkhan is at the door with his big floppy ears, wagging his tail, his face lights up and we know Mohan is back.
“Mohan is Sherkhan’s alpha, and on his part, Mohan is so involved with everything Sherkhan does. Read more…
Toral Narang who says looks don’t matter, the Dog does


Toral and Mukesh Narang’s daughter, Pratha Narang, saw an accident where a female community dog was hit by a speeding vehicle in Mumbai. Her month old puppy who had followed mom into traffic too got hit. Pratha picked both up took them to a veterinarian where the mother was put down. The pup had no place to go so she joined Pratha’s family.
“With her broken bones, she was a very weak little girl. We went from specialist to specialist to get little Cookie back on her feet. About two months old now, she is the brat of the pack that includes two cocker spaniels – Buddy and Angel,” says Toral, an artist and former special needs educator, who divides her time between Mumbai and Pune.

Toral’s son Yash and Buddy share a special bond. “When Yash stayed in India, Buddy wouldn’t eat when Yash was unwell. They were so close. Yash is now in Australia with his lovely wife Nupur. Buddy does a double flip every time that Yash comes home on holiday. Fond of Pratha too, the three are at the door till she comes,” says Toral.

For the Narang family, adopting Cookie was a very easy decision. “The looks don’t matter, the dog does. Anybody can adopt or buy a good looking animal but to take care of an animal who is in need, is not everybody’s cup of tea,” she sums up. Read more…


#This is a random selection of the stories from our archives and not an exhaustive list.