These Couples Prove That Age Is Just A Number!

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There was a time when it was considered taboo to marry a man younger but things changed and for the better, or so we believed…

Yet, we realise after talking to various lovely couples in the city, that isn’t as easy as it seemed. Accepting that ‘age is just a number’ works only for the couple and not for the world around them, and they continue to have to face flak constantly.

We at Pune365, bring you stories of strong and happy relationships with younger partners, yet, are far removed from the norms of the society. These are stories of wonderful bonds built on love and have gone well beyond societal norms…

Dr Komal Singh, 48, says she was stunned by when one of her patients proposed to her. “I knew he was seven years younger than me. I thought he was being cheeky at first. But he kept persisting.

The first thought was will society accept this? At the same time I felt that he was so much like me. It took me six months to say. We both said who cares for society and got hitched.

“Now 20 years down the line we are very happy. We have two children and if people say anything to us we tell them that it is not their problem and point to our kid,” she shares.

For some couples a difference in their age had nothing to do with what bond they shared. On the contrary, it brings a lot of maturity from one and a balanced innocence from the other.

Amisha Shinde, 35, says, “Although he is ten years younger, he still brings out the child in me while balancing it with his maturity and seriousness. He is too much into his work, politics and writing and believes, I am his stress buster. I think being of the same age sometimes makes things complicated, with too many uncompromised rebellious opinions, turning a relationship a living hell because of ego clashes.

In our case, we deal with any situations with two different perspectives, one with the heart and the other with the mind. And I think that’s how relationships work,” she smiles.

For Bharti Kudchedkar, a Post Graduate Teacher believes that, being from the same school of thought is important.

After nearly 20 years of marriage, I can confidently say that an age difference of almost 12 years didn’t create any problems for me.

I think the major contributory factor is that we are on the same ‘lambda’ i.e. wavelength,” she adds.

The society will have a say at every step you take, but for Premina, 70, it didn’t stop her from living her life with Peter, 90.

This is plain and simple. Till now I haven’t met anyone who was as attractive, intelligent, lively and romantic. When I met him, I decided that he was the one.

Those derogatory stares and the demeaning eye contact at coffee shops bothered me before, but not anymore.

Many suggested that not much time remains for him (in their opinion!) in life, but I insisted on the fact that how much ever time we have, we would like to spend it with each other.

We aren’t married, yet, we are happy and living together, forever,” she gleams…


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