These City Professionals Are Working Through The Night For You

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As most of us are set to welcome the new year, there are several city professionals who will be at work through the night…

These are the people of our city who will strive hard to make this new year wonderful, happy and safe for the citizens of Pune.

Acknowledging their spirit and commitment to purpose, Pune365 spoke to a few such professionals who shared their emotions with us.

City Based Medical Professional, Dr Roshan Palresha says, Being an emergency physician, there is nothing like a holiday for me.

As they say, Show must go on, the same applies to emergency physicians across the globe. While every other person around is busy making new year plans, parties, Goa trips and so on, we are busy waiting and treating patients.

In fact, there is an increase in the number of cases on new years eve. We do miss out on celebrations and do feel left out and aloof, but now, we are used to it. Dr Palresha added,

Dr Nayantara Das, Emergency Medicine Professional says, “In our profession, we sort of make our peace with the concept of no weekends or public holidays!

Yet, working on new year’s eve is always a little harder, not only because we can’t bring in the new year with our friends and family, but also because it’s an extremely busy night in the Emergency Room, what with the number of accidents being at an all-time high!

But at the end of the day, nothing is more fulfilling than seeing your patient go home with a smile on their face, and that makes it all worth it, Dr Nayantara added.

Supriya Kadam, from the Traffic Police said, It is been 5 years that I have not celebrated the new year with my friends and family.

I don’t even complain that I want to celebrate a new year with loved ones, but it is heart wrenching to see so many people not caring for their life and drinking and driving all over the city.

The number of drunk drivers is always high every year and so is the number of accidents…

New years eve is for celebrations and not for getting drunk. If  the citizens pledge to not drink and drive for their own safety, most of us will be at home celebrating new year too, Kadam added.

Last year I invited my family to attend a party where I was playing, that new year couldn’t have been happier for me, says Dj Abhijeet Sarkar, Radisson Blue. More often we invite our friends to the party we’re playing, but it is not possible each time.

I often feel that I should be home spending time with my family or friends, but the happiness I get when I see thousands of people enjoying because of the music I Play makes me forget everything else!  

In other words, we’re the fire starter, Abhijeet added.

Diago Periera, Bartender says, “31st December is the much awaited day of the year for everyone and I used to celebrate it with my friends and family. But, ever since I started working as a Bartender, the 31st night is always busy but lots of fun too.

The whole atmosphere is filled with a different energy, people are dressed to perfection.  Moving to the beats of music, everyone is just set to welcome the new year.

A different kind of holiday spirit is seen in citizens and their way of celebration gives us also  a lot more energy!.

Honestly, I don’t feel like am missing out on something. It seems like a great party! Pereira added.


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