These Are Really Interesting Couple Goals From Pune

Couple's New Year Resolutions
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Traditionally, a new year is the time to make and break resolutions and then get on with life…

Yet, in the case of these Pune couples who spoke to us, interesting resolutions have been made to add a spark to their relationship for the year ahead.

I am in a live-in relationship and my partner and I often fight over doing the chores, cooking, wifi and every possible another thing, says Jagruti Chowdhari, Financial expert.

Recalling their squabble on 31st December, Jagruti shares, “The last day of the year wasn’t spent in partying and instead, we ended up fighting.

There was a huge mess in the kitchen which was my boyfriend’s doing, and I forgot to do the laundry which meant he had nothing nice to wear. Finally, we cancelled the party plans and got into this huge quarrel!

After a lot of drama, we make up and decided on a joint resolution. My boy friend has committed to cook the entire year and in return, I have promised to do the laundry!

Also, we have a track record of sticking to resolutions, so am hoping we will keep this too, Jagruti added with a laugh.

Ashish and Naina’s resolution for the year is taking their little daisy(dog) out every weekend.

Naina says, “We are busy almost 5 days of the week and she ends up staying half the time in her daycare. By the time we bring her home she is already tired playing the whole day with her friends. We barely get time to interact with her.

So we have decided to take her on drives every weekend as daisy loves adventures. We have planned our 12-weekend gateways with daisy and everything is all set for the first trip, Naina added.

Satyam Mishra, techie says, “We both have a habit of making erotic comments while making love and often it diverts our attention and we end up giggling over it.

Hence, now we have decided to just go with the flow but without talking!”

Chitra and Chaitanya both have ditched eating chocolates this year. Chitra says, “We want to be fit since are overweight and a gym is not our thing.

Hence, we are taking a baby step and ditching the chocolate and sweets for now.”

No makeup sex is our resolution. says Vandana Rajput, Marketing Executive. My boyfriend has only one solution to all our fights and that is making love.

That is very irritating at times. Moreover, I want him to be responsible towards the relationship. However, Vandana’s Partner added, “I don’t have a choice but it also works vice a versa! Am very bad with resolutions but I hope to keep this one at least for 6 months.

No social media once you enter the house, no office emails to be entertained and no office gossip, says Ajinkya Nemane, a PR executive.

Lately, we have discovered that half our problems are because we don’t talk much in the house. We end up assuming things and we are always on social media.

So, we decided to put the virtual world aside once we step into the house. One of the cabinet drawers has been reserved for cellphones!

It is working too and for the past three days, we’re only using it once and that too to call our parents, Ajinkya added.




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