The Sixth Sense

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The morning arrived earlier every day. The first rays of the sun seemed to look shyly from the horizon as they decided whether it was time to wake the world to a new day.

The first to greet the rays were the birds. Their songs of joy greeting the new day filled the morning.

Waking up to the songs of the birds was the way he always liked to wake up. Their songs were like the comforting messages from distant lands or lost days brought back by a magical time traveller. 

The cool breeze of the morning caressed him gently. It felt like the touch of love.

Suddenly his attention was drawn to the paper that floated from nowhere. It was as if the breeze had carried it from wherever it came. Just like the sight of a butterfly moving gently in the light breeze.

He rubbed he eyes and stretched. He picked up the paper. It was off-white, soft, and had the fragrance of fresh jasmine. It felt as if he had been just touched by his favourite person. It felt as if he was under a jasmine tree that was expressing its love through the fragrance of its flowers.

He smelt the paper. It was unmistakeably jasmine. He was startled. He closed his eyes as he heaved a sigh. He could feel the taste of breath as it confessed its love.

He opened his eyes and looked at the paper. He had not noticed the writing on the paper. The handwriting now succeeded in catching his attention. It can’t be, he thought.

The handwriting was familiar. His eyes now moved to read the letter.


In many ways I talk to you everyday through the cool breeze that touches you, the flowing water in every spring and river, through the fragrance of freshness of jasmine flowers freshly offered by the tree to time.

Our planet, if you can feel from your ethereal self, now has abundance of joy as we are no longer a material civilization. We are what your generation called an ecological civilization. Thank you for sowing the seeds for creating a world where we do not seek more, and more, but find connection with everyone and everything. A world that respects feedback of nature to give us sufficient as long as we do not crave for more. A world where respect and care are as natural as is our breathing and the beating of our heart.

Thanks to the meditations you wrote about, more and more who came after you learnt to see beyond themselves, and to recognize life as being, not becoming. They recognized their identities in their connectedness, not independence. 

I cannot fathom the challenge this must have meant to your generation as our history books record your civilization as the one most rooted in independence, freedom, power, and material needs. For us, it is not possible to understand why you may want to hold power over someone or something when you are connected.

But, thanks to the seeds those connected in your generation sowed, we now have a world that is free of struggles for power and addiction to independence.

My gratitude to you. Thank you for those steps you took, tiny as they seem to us from our time, must not have been short of being revolutionary and difficult in yours. 

I send you my warmth through the breeze. I send you life through the flow of the water. I send you my love through the fragrance of the jasmine flowers.

Through our connection, we have eternal joy for the planet and all its greater community of life.


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Anupam Saraph

Anupam Saraph

Dr. Anupam Saraph grew up in a Pune that was possibly a tenth of its current expanse and every road was lined by 200 year old trees. He’s committed to the cause of de-addicting the short-termers.

He can be reached @AnupamSaraph
Anupam Saraph

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