How Can We Ever Stop Loving This City?

Pune - My city
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Pune is an emotion which leaves a deep impression on the mind and remains there forever. That’s what Deepa Purswani, a marketing executive, who now lives in Bengaluru, feels about Pune, where she stayed two years of her life.

“Whenever I go back, I feel I am a student again. It makes me feel 10 years younger.” Deepa is not alone.

She is one among many people who have fond memories of the city after having spent quality time in Pune, at some point or the other in their lives.

We spoke to a few people to know their views and why they like this city so much.

Says Deepa, “I have experienced that limitless freedom there which no other city has ever catered me. Pune is a city for students and nobody can ever forget their college days, they always make us nostalgic.

I still remember we watched movies at 7am, as that show was the cheapest It once happened that we were having a group study at my place and we suddenly decided to go to Lonavala for tea.

While coming back from there none of us remembered the way and we had an exam at 9am. And there were no Google maps that time so we were actually stuck. Somehow we managed to find the way back and as we were already late we went directlto the college and gave our exams in ‘pajamas’.”

For Naziesh Sheikh living in Pune was a wonderful experience“I landed up in this city unexpectedly. Pune was never on my list. But it ended up being the most amazing experience of my life,” says Naziesh.

This Queen of the Deccan is not just beautiful as a city but offers wonderful experiences to those who have never stayed here. It offers a rich culture and heritage but the real beauty of this city dwells in its friendly environment which makes everybody fall in love with Pune.

One thing that I recall when someone says Pune is the carefree late night scooter rides and “Rajasthani Bhaiya ki chai”. No matter where I live, a part of me will always be in Pune,” she adds.

“Trust me, Pune is something I just cannot summarise in words. It’s purely a feeling,” affirms Ojhal Kothari. “Each time I reach Pune, I breathe its air and it just brings a smile. There’s something in the air which will bring you to life.

I don’t know but it has a charm. To be frank, when I first went there I felt that the city was welcoming me.

Yes, it may sound filmy but it was monsoon and the climate made me so delighted that I decided not to leave.

It gave me all kind of experiences, made me unbounded and then escorted me back home with maturity. One thing that comes to my mind is when I and my friend went on a trip to Lonavala on a tinder date and gazing stars with unknown people. Pune is special. You may choose to go but you will never able to leave it,” she adds.

“Being a Delhite, moving to Pune was a big deal. When I decided to come here, I had mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness. And today this unfamiliar city is my home. Nobody knew me here, and this is one city that I explored alone, says Harshit Bajaj.

I made wonderful friends here. But when it comes to food, there nothing there like Delhi. Pune has astonishing places like CCD Bhavdhan and Blue Shack that became my happy space. Overall the city’s charm is its climate and safety.”

Says Shivani K, “I have no words for Pune. Those will be the best days of my life until I die. My college MIT gave me awesome memories. Whenever I think of Pune my friends come straight to my mind.

I never believed that things like friends forever actually exist but then my journey with my group changed my ideologies.

I don’t remember when I slept and when I woke up.We always had full attendance at daily haunt Miami and Qbar,” she says.

“A place which I explored myself, a place where everybody accepts you is Pune. Judgments are kilometers away from this city.

My first party with my friends gave me a lifetime memory.
It unexpectedly turned out to be a blast. For me, Pune will always be happiness says, Tripti Jain.

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