The Pleasures And Pain Of A Bunking Habit

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Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. So says the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle.

Aristotle probably came to this conclusion after a few glasses of wine, a big feast and a long siesta in all probability. He was a lucky man and all that and probably rolling in whatever money that was used during the 4th century BC.

However, the realities of the 21st century are much different to Aristotle’s genteel and pleasurable thing called work.

Today, you get up in the morning and think work. Then you work. Then you come back after 10 to 14 hours of toil, mental or physical, and again think work. It is more pressure than pleasure in the 21st today. It is but natural that people do get tired or sometimes lazy and bunk work.

But there are many who are serial absentees who use creative reason to take a break to pander to their “recreational” needs.


  1. Have fever: Good enough for a day off. Add viral before the fever and you may get three but some companies demand a doctor’s certificate so be warned. Always remain friends with your doctor. Avoid complicated diseases. It may sound good but you expose yourself to questioning.
  2. Missed the bus: Well, that is pushing your luck and success may depend inversely on the distance from office to home. You may also miss the boat in life altogether if you keep giving repeat performances.
  3. Relative dead: Relatively speaking, this is a bit tricky. You mst note down the relatives you killed and their connection to you. In your eagerness to may kill the grandfather twice or a cousin thrice. Play safe. Also add the right mix of pathos to make it sound pitiable. Like this cousin brought you up because your parents were abroad, or he was living alone and you were his best friend etc.
  4. Government office visits: Any boss will be sympathetic if you have to visit a government office. But play down inquisitive questions and also be vague about the timing of the appointment. There is a danger he may know someone there which means end to your day at home with TV and beer. Likewise doctor visits.
  5. Parent-teacher meetings: Not applicable to bachelors or spinsters. You will be caught out if you are of a daring kind. Safe for the married as these meetings could take all day. Usually the boss knows how many times it happens so don’t push your luck by having three, say, in a month.
  6. Stranded in the rain: Plausible in extreme cases or mass breakdown of transport. But not allowed every week during the monsoon season. Else you will end up Singing in The Rain with a bowl in your hand.
  7. Breakdowns: Okay, car, bike won’t start in the middle of the road. But surely you don’t need a whole day to get it fixed? You can leave it at the garage and take public transport. Try your luck.
  8. Injuries: Hands, legs, or back can be strained. Avoid fractures. But make sure the intensity of the pain is gigantic when you describe it to your boss, omitting no detail. Brush up with all the symptoms of the pain, using Google before speaking to the boss. Be eloquent.
  9. Out of Station: Sounds good but if you are still in town lay low. Stock up the fridge, pray there is good stuff on television, switch off the phone (with a heavy heart) and chill.
  10. Getting married: Oh yeah?


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