The Parsi Connection

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The Enigmatic Fire Temple and the unique customs of this community have always evoked a sense of curiosity among all of us; We spoke to people of this faith who gave us interesting insights into this amazing community of Ahura Mazda worshippers.

Firoz Framjee, (46) enlightens us on why they pray to Fire.

“Ahura Mazda, our Sole God was the Son of Fire; Of all the five elements of earth, Fire is the most powerful and has the ability to destroy evil. In face this is why Parsis are not allowed to smoke. We are known to be nature lovers!”

Viera Bharucha, (22) shares another view.

“Officially we are supposed to pray five times a day. My grandfather still does, but I can’t seem to find the time to do the same. I visit the temple every fortnight instead.

“Honestly, I really look forward to visiting Iran someday. Going back to explore my roots will be fascinating because monuments there still hold the essence of Zoroastrian influence.”

Her grandfather filled in with interesting insights to Parsi customs.

“Just as you have the thread ceremony, we have our Sudreh and Kusti as soon as the child turns seven. The white vest and blessed thread are then lifelong companions that must be worn ”

Expressing her opinion on inter-faith marriages, Farida Wadia, (66) says, “There is a reason why everyone is born in a certain community. God has taken the decision for you. Hence, one should marry only in his or her community to abide by God’s will.

“People may be judgmental on why non-Zoroastrians are not allowed to enter the premises. However, every custom and ritual has a reason.”

Explaining this, Dastur Irani (39) states, “When we came to India from Iran surviving conversion, we decided to stay true to our individuality and faith.

“It is very important for us to follow our faith. We feared that if we permitted the others, our religion may be threatened again, and finally disappear.

“There is no ill feeling or malice towards anyone. It’s just that we want to protect the community. When it comes to festivals, we partake in every celebration, be it Holi, Diwali, Christmas or Eid,” he explains.

Farida Wadia aptly sums up the true essence of Parsi culture emphatically, “We ‘Bawas’ are famous for eating, drinking and making merry.

“Irrespective of the political unrest across the world, we will remain the most peaceful people you’ll ever find!

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