The Mudita Story Of Giving Pure Joy, Unadulterated By Self Interest

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Mudita- Derived from the Sanskrit signifies pure joy, unadulterated by self-interest.

Mudita is an Alliance for giving aims by connecting the donors with the NGOs of their chosen cause. Started by like minded Pune citizens, Ripple Mirchandani and Katya Balasubramanian who were commited to give back to our world at large.

Speaking to Pune365 Ripple Mirchandani shares, ‘Initially we started with Annadaan where a group of friends would come together to donate dry rations to the needy..

Working across several causes as individuals, we realised that NGOs and social groups were always needed to look for donors.

On the other hand, several philanthropically inclined people had no idea of how best they can help and positively impact in the manner they wished to, Mirchandani added.

Ripple further shares that Annadaaan has so far been giving rations to almost 150-200 needy people including physically and mentally challenged kids.

The whole idea of Annadaan is that at least every individual should get at least one healthy and balanced meal everyday.


Objectives Of The Trust: 

(a) To undertake and carry out variously charitable, educational and socio-economic programs for the upliftment of the downtrodden of the society, including women, children, senior citizens, etc.

(b) To establish, maintain and promote institutions and establishments of all kinds that would be the centres for the promotion of the objects of the trusts and undertake cultural activities, establish community halls, libraries, training centres, etc.

(c) To establish and/or take over schools, fellowship colleges and/or other institutions for promoting various activities in the field of education for the downtrodden or otherwise.

(d) To give a scholarship, provide loans and assist students for any primary and higher education in India or abroad.

(e) To help poor and needy people in every respect so as to uplift their lives, by providing them medical relief, educational help, housing facilities, legal aid etc. in addition to counselling, set up orphanages, widow old age homes, provide help to destitute, mentally / physically, psychologically handicapped.

(f) To take all possible steps to provide aid at the time of natural calamity or otherwise such as flood, earthquakes relief, riots etc.”


Ripple believes that the energy created by people coming together is more higher than at an individual level.

At Mudita, it is an approach to philanthropy, one that is combined with strategy and purpose.”

We partner at every step with our donors, right from helping to uncover areas of social change where they would like to make a difference while simultaneously finding beneficiaries/ NGOs that are working towards the upliftment of these specific areas.”

WIth the help of donations received so far, Mudita has supported computers and school uniforms to intellectually challenged school children, educational scholarships to needy people and of course Annadaan.

Mudita also partners with the Love Kare Trust Foundation based in Zurich, Switzerland in supporting terminally ill cancer patients in India with medical as well as palliative care, shares Ripple.

Citizens who wish to contribute can get in touch with Mudita on their website.



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