The Loveliest Labrador Stories From Pune Are All Here

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Dogs are by far, the most loyal and loving companion a family can ever have!

Ask a true dog lover and they can never imagine a life without the slobbery kisses, attention seeking tricks, the never-ending walks and the amazing naughtiness of their pets.

#Pune365Furholics has week after week, brought you lovely animal tales from Pune with each one a true example of the ultimate human-animal bond. Lots of people look on sites like to make sure they have the best toys and treats for their dog.
Presenting a ‘must read’ compendium of our popular Labrador stories from the Pune365 Archives.

Loads Of Love From The Labradors At Mruga Kirloskar & Family

A homemaker, Mruga Kirloskar is a dog lover at heart. That’s’ something her labradors – Sultan and Mishka know very well.

Mruga Kirloskar was looking for a typical ‘family dog’ 10 years ago. That search leads her to two options – a boxer or a labrador. “We wanted a dog that would be a family dog, patient and friendly.

It was a toss between a lab and a boxer – whichever pup we got first,” she says.

And Sultan, now 10, came along. Two-and-a-half years ago, Mishka the cute girl lab joined the family. They sunbathe and run around in the lawn, try their best to get drenched when the sprinklers are on, rolling on the ground is their favourite pastime and taking muddy paws across the house a must.
Their paw prints have been stamped right across the hearts of the Kirloskar family with their antics, their mischief and most importantly, their love. Read More…

Meet Sasha, The Lovely Fawn Girl At The Kulkarni’s

When she walks in, her smiling countenance can’t be overlooked and do what you want, try as you may, you can’t escape the wagging tail that Sasha the eight-year-old fawn Labrador Retriever brings with her.

Sasha is obsessed with balls (they have so many balls collected by her from the society which were lost by children playing cricket), playing football because of Rohan, she enjoys her sleep, likes people to play with her along with her various squeaky and soft toys (and gives them choices too), loves to accompany her family wherever they go-she is least bothered as to where. Read More…

Tia, The Princess At The Kukade Home

Her name means princess and at the Kukade home, Tia sure is one. The four and a half-year-old labrador is the centre of all attention from Ajji, the eldest to the youngest in the family, Jatin. The reason Tia came home is Tanya, Sachin and Nidhi Kukade’s eldest daughter. “Tanya wanted a dog if she scored 90 per cent in Std X. She scored more, did a lot of research on the breed she wanted and we got Tia,” explains Nidhi.

And just like Tanya’s marks, Tia keeps her scores on loving her family at 100 per cent every single day.

Won over easily with her naughtiness and her innocence and her love, the family loves her to bits. Very warm and welcoming to guests at home, Tia particularly enjoys being pampered and scratched by friends and family. Read More…

Meet Rishi Chhabria’s Super Cool Simba

He is one busybody. Even when he sits by the patio, his ears and nose are always on alert so he can jump away at the slightest whiff or the minutest sound that’s away from the mundane.

Say hello to Simba, the handsome Labrador who rules the Chhabria home. Says Rishi of his favourite friend and companion, He is intelligent, smart, affectionate, and has given us all a lot of love. Almost as if on cue, Simba looks up at his master and wags his tail. Read More…

Meet Zeus Keegan & Deasy Pursley!


If mom goes out too long, Zeus opens her cupboard and tears her shoes or clothes, so everything is under lock and key. “There was a month that I bought three chargers! But I can’t be angry with him. I can’t live without Zeus,” says Deasy, a Yoga instructor.

For everything, he needs mom. The only time he wants dad is early morning. “He takes his leash to my husband Jeremy Pursley. He is really an intelligent dog,” smiles the proud Deasy. Read More…
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