The Bearded Hunks Who Bewitch Bollywood

Bearded Bollywood Heros
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That good looking man, smart and clean-shaven, takes on five people and beats them to pulp with effortless ease and sing songs with his girlfriend at the drop of a hat…

Welcome to the world of Bollywood, a fancy ride beyond the realms of reality, where a hero, clean-shaven or with a pencil-line moustache, battering the bad guys to rescue his bride or girlfriend from their clutches, trouser crease and oiled hair still in place.

Back in the old days, the protagonists were only reasonably fit, an occasional bump in the stomach area notwithstanding. The 1950s and 1960s saw the popularity of the clean-shaven heroes, often called the chocolate boys. Joy Mukherjee was a huge hit and fitted the bill in that category perfectly.

There were others like Shashi Kapoor, Rajendra Kumar and Biswajeet among others who sported that look.

When parallel cinema entrenched itself in the late 1970s, there were many actors who started sporting a beard. It went well with that type of cinema, the idealist look with kurta, filterless cigarettes and all.

With the appearance of actors with well sculptured bodies in recent years, the beard is now back in vogue again.

Here are some actors who look great with beards:

Shahid KapoorShahid Kapoor:
Was a total chocolate boy when he started off in Bollywood. But of late, the beard has become a permanent fixture on his face and has transformed his look dramatically and well. His father, Pankaj, also started wearing one to great effect.

Naseeruddin Shah

Nasseruddin Shah:
Now a graceful gray, Nasseruddin Shah had a great beard in his early days which made him look very smart. He still wears a beard most times. It enhances his rather unusual features well.

Ranveer SinghRanveer Singh:
Another chocolate boy, the beard became a part of Ranveer Singh’s identity since his early days. He looks much better with the shrubbery and often experiments with its length and thickness.

Saif Ali Khan:Saif Ali Khan
Saif always looked a little effeminate during his early days. But as time went by, he toned up his body and grew a beard. This has made him a hunk and it suits him very well.

John AbrahamJohn Abraham:
One of the best looking guys in Bollywood, Abraham’s beard added much to his macho looks. The stubble, worn from his modelling days, makes him look sexy.

Sanjay DuttSanjay Dutt:
Now old and fading, Sanjay Dutt has begun to sport the bearded look and it does great justice to him. Combined with a still decent body, it gives him a tough sort of appearance.

Ranbhir KapoorRanbhir Kapoor:
Decided to go for a stubble in some of his films and it made him look hot. It masked his chocolate boy looks and he actually looked macho.

Shah Rukh Khan:

Looks good, bearded too. His bearded appearance in Jab Tak Hain Jaan was extraordinary.

Sunil Shetty
Suniel Shetty:
Looks very rugged with a beard. It enhances his great body and smart clothes.

Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar:

Looks fantastic in a beard with the streaks of grey making him look even more distinguished.

Hritik Roshan
Hritik Roshan:

Greek God, beard or otherwise.