That Nagging Pain Could Spell Danger – Seek Medical Help Now!

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Do you wake up in the morning with a nagging neck pain? Or a cringing pain in the stomach and high fever? No, this may have nothing to do with the weather and possibly needs attention.  

Pain that persists or acute and appears all of sudden, could be a warning sign and should not be ignored.  Thanks to the changing lifestyles, increased stress, long commutes and lack of proper exercise, pain has today become integral to most people. 

Citizens tend to ignore or delay medical diagnosis and investigation and often self-medicate or ignore these signs completely. This has led to a rise in fatalities, and often due to delays in medical attention for the patient.

Pune365 spoke to experts and citizens in an effort to understand the common perception of pain and when it needs medical intervention:

Dr Nayantara Das, A city-based Medical Practitioner opines, any kind of pain which is acute or persistent, should be checked and more specifically, chest pain and headaches.

Pain cannot be generalised, You know your body best, and the moment pain starts getting acute or persists, it is time to see the doctor, instead of self having painkillers.

Painkillers make it more difficult for the doctors to deal with the diagnosis. It only provides temporary relief to the patient, but cannot treat the root cause.

Avoid self-medication completely and seek the help of professionals. More so, since the cause of the pain is not the same always and can vary case to case…

Pain in the left hand, burning sensation in the arms, for instance, are not just only signs of acidity. Similarly, a persistent or acute headache, is not necessarily a migraine and it is best to consult a doctor rather than ignoring this.

Let the doctor be the guide to your body, Das adds.

Arvind Kadam, a Retired government official says, “There was a constant pain in my hip for few days, as I had fallen from a horse.

Earlier I thought it was a normal pain, as the pain continued, I thought it was due to my old age. Only later after few tests, the doctors diagnosed it as a kidney infection.

Thanks to the immediate response from the doctor, I was saved from a lot of future complications, he adds.

Siddharth Vaidya, a Software Professional says, “Heavy work out had caused muscle pain, which was known as good pain according to the gym instructor.

The pain prolonged for months after several failed attempts at treating it, and it was  I finally diagnosed as Muscle Abscess.”

I had no clue what was Muscle Abscess was, and as usual, I went to google to seek help after receiving a huge gyaan from the doctor.

Sarita Shedge, Housewife says, “Doctors always say never ignore a bad abdominal pain, yet I ignored the pain and self-medicated for a Urinary Tract Infection.”

This persisted for a couple of months and I finally decided to get it checked. The doctors diagnosed this as a case of gallbladder stones which needed an immediate surgery. 

The very next day, I was rushed to the Operation theatre and I was told, all the painkillers I had earlier have also created several complications.

After this experience, I always advise my friends and relatives to see a doctor if they experience any pain, Sarita adds.

Prajkta Desai, 32 years old says, “I have a migraine issue and it was detected at an early age, and the frequent headache didn’t bother me since I knew it was this”.

Everything was running smooth, till I started getting unconscious often. We assumed that it is was because of the hot weather. We didn’t see the doctor, as it had become a normal routine.

Eventually, it was time for my routine checkup and I did all the tests. The doctors diagnosed me as having some small tumours and that needed immediate medication 

Desai further adds that “Post that checkup till date, I have been on the medicines for the tumours and would soon be operated upon.

We have no clue most often and just carry on thinking the pain is normal. If we are fortunate to have it checked and diagnosed, then it can be handled well. We end up putting ourselves at a huge risk just to avoid a doctor visit.”


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